Wicked Nights Blog Hop & Giveaway

I'm happy to participate in herding cats & burning soup's Wicked Nights Giveaway Hop this year! I have to admit, I love books that are edgy, gritty, and not too white-washed. Anyone who has read my Airship Racing Chronicles can attest to this truism! After facing a bit of slut-shaming this year on behalf of my character Lily (yeah, seriously), it's a lot of fun to embrace my wicked side. I hope you have fun too! This should be a wickedly fun hop! Be sure to enter my giveaway here then keep hopping shamelessly in and out of blogs for more wicked fun (yes, pun intended).

What Can You Win?

What can you win here? Today I am offering an ebook by a fellow steampunk writer, Sidney Swann. This book is intended for mature audiences. Know you will be getting spanking, because, well, spanking.

Amazon Rating: 4.5 Stars!

Novel Description: Dedicated scientist Gladys DeWalt is a rising star in a Victorian community of scholars and explorers influenced as much by politics as discovery. So when her highly touted mission to excavate a legendary shipwreck ends in devastating failure, the Council of Scholars deals her another devastating blow.

Stripped of her title, she's demoted to status of Intellectual Ward and placed under the authority of Sebastian Cromwell, a former professor she remembers as stern and exacting. Gladys feared Cromwell as a student, and fears him more since his accident and transformation as part automaton by rogue scientist Nigel Longbridge. Cromwell may look and function like a man, but he's as cold and clinical as the gears under his skin. He takes Gladys on to settle an old debt, but informs her from the outset that he will not brook any disobedience or disrespect. When Gladys defies him, she is punished.

But under Cromwell's stern demeanor is the lingering shadow of humanity, and as the dashing automaton comes to admire his ward's intelligence and drive, he begins to question what really caused her mission's failure.
What he discovers will shake the Council of Scholars to its core and give Gladys a chance to redeem her name and win the love of a man who thought he was now beyond emotional connection.

How Can You Win?

If you would like to win a copy of this novel:

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2) When you're done, just let me know in the comments that you signed up AND tell us the first book you ever read that made you blush! Me? I remember a lot of jiggly parts in Piers Anthony's Split Infinity.

Keep hopping and don't forget to enter to win the grand prize!


  1. I signed up :-) And the first book I read that made me blush was Only Pleasure by Lora Leigh

  2. Even that title makes me blush, lol! Thanks for stopping by, Carol! Good luck :)

  3. I'm on your mailing list! :) And I remember reading some historical romance novel as a pre-teen, but I can't remember the title--only that it was full of pirates and ships and sex! :)

  4. I'm on your mailing list now.

    The first book to make me blush was when I picked up one of my mom's romances, The White Indian by Donald Clayton Porter.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

    1. My friend's mom always had the hot romance books. My mom had VC Andrews, lol! No wonder I ended up writing dark fantasy!

  5. Elfquest issue 10 was my first comic book, bought when I was 9 because it had a pretty fairy on the cover. There were some Serious Elf Snugglebunnies inside.

    On the list!

    1. Gotta love hot elves, lol! Thanks for stopping by and good luck in the giveaway!

  6. I have subscribed. The first book that made me blush was Twilight.


  7. Signed up for your newslette =)

    The first book that really made me blush badly was Fifty Shades of Grey! lol

    Thanks for this giveaway!

    I hope you have a great weekend! =)

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  8. Getting ur newsletter
    And the fist book i read was the River Lady i cant remember by who

    amber . landez @ yahoo. com

  9. Ray, you are the winner of this contest! I'll be sending you an email message :)