Steampunk Fairy Tales

Curiouser and Curiouser: Steampunk Alice in Wonderland

To save the Hatter, Alice must work with the one man she despises so much that she might still love him.

Alice thought she’d turned over a new leaf. No more working for Jabberwocky. No more making deals with the ruthless Queen of Hearts. No more hanging around The Mushroom with tinkers, tarts, scoundrels, and thieves in London's criminal underbelly. But she’d been bonkers to dream.

Hatter’s reckless behavior leads Alice back to the one person she never wanted to see again, Caterpillar. Pulled into Caterpillar's mad schemes, Alice must steal a very big diamond from a very royal lady. The heist is no problem for this Bandersnatch. But protecting her heart from the man she once loved? Impossible.

Sometimes love is mad.

Curiouser and Curiouser will be available in paperback in August 2017 and is available in ebook as part of the Dominion Rising boxed set releasing August 8th.

Ice and Embers: Steampunk Snow Queen

It takes more than an inferno to thaw a frozen heart.

Actress Elyse McKenna only wants to perform in Shakespearean dramas—not live in one.

With the 1814 London Frost Fair in full swing, Elyse and her troupe at the Ice House Theatre find themselves at the heart of the excitement on the frozen Thames. While the Ice House Theatre’s production of A Midwinter Night’s Dream thrills the London crowd, Elyse’s backstage life begins to take on a distinctly Shakespearean turn. 

When she fell in love with Lord John Waldegrave, she was prepared to keep their liaison secret. But she wasn’t ready for her newfound love to rock her relationship with her dearest friend, Doctor Kai Murray. Everything Elyse thought she knew about her feelings for her old friend gets flipped upside down when an exotic ship captain, whose ship is frozen in the Thames, turns her attention to Kai.

If Elyse hopes to escape the Thames with her heart intact, she must find a way to discover the truth about the captain, Kai, John, and her own feelings—before it’s too late.

Ice and Embers is a retelling of the classic Snow Queen fairy tale set in Regency London.

Ice and Embers releases July 21st from Perfection Publishing in eBook and in August in paperback!

Coming Soon!

I have a number of steampunk fairy tales scheduled for release in 2017/2018 including these fairy tales:

Beauty and the Beast
Snow White
Red Riding Hood
The Princess and the Frog
and more!

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