The Harvesting Series

Praise for The Harvesting Series

"Great writers can scare the pants off of me, but it takes a true maestro to sneak up on me the way that this book did" --Lori Parker at Contagious Reads

"This novel was an action packed thrillride with tons of intriguing ideas along with lots of twists and turns." -- Stephanie at A Dream within a Dream

"The Harvesting is a page turning, suspenseful story with paranormal and horror elements that literally kept me on the edge of my seat from the moment Layla arrives in Hamletville . . . Ms. Karsak brilliantly writes."--Lori at Romancing the Dark Side 

"The world-building was epic and brilliant and so absolutely original I am still squealing in delight over it. This is the kind of tale that has twists that will blow your mind! It is tightly woven and very apparent from the onset that the author knows exactly how this tale unfolds."--Kimba at The Caffinated Book Reviewer 

The Harvesting Series Reading Order

The Harvesting
The Shadow Aspect
Witch Wood
The Torn World

About The Harvesting Series

The Harvesting trilogy that explores what they death of humanity might reveal about those other things that exist on the fringes of our world—and what it might reveal about ourselves.

Little Layla