Cartimandua's Story Continues in The Crow Queen


Happy New Year, all! I am pleased to announce that Cartimandua's series, Eagles and Crows, continues with the release of The Crow Queen.

About the Book:

A queen at war.

A love woven by the gods.

The looming shadow of darkness to come.

Britain, AD 38, When destiny crowns Cartimandua queen of the Brigantes, she inherits not just the rule of her ancient tribe but an imminent war. Seeking to take advantage of the upheaval amongst the Brigantes, the Parisii tribe strikes.

Cartimandua’s enemies soon discover the new Brigantes queen wears a crown of thorns and talons. Carti has no time to waste on petty squabbles. The Cailleach whispers of a looming threat from the south. Wielding ruthless strategy and strength, Cartimandua acts quickly to secure her hold on the north before an even worse darkness descends.

But even amongst the shadows, there’s a ray of light. Her new alliance with the Votadini tribe finds her engaged to the enigmatic Prince Cormag. Their bond offers a glimmer of hope for a bright future. Yet, as they carve out a life together, Carti cannot escape the echo of an old love.

To navigate the darkness looming on the horizon, Cartimandua must hold onto her throne and her heart with an iron grip. Can she protect her tribe and family from the rising storm?

From New York Times bestselling author Melanie Karsak comes The Crow Queen, depicting the life of Celtic Queen Cartimandua of the Brigantes during the second Roman invasion.

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