The Vintage Medium: Now Available on Audiobook!


Anyone else in the mood for fall breezes, autumn leaves, bonfires, crisp nights, apple cider, pumpkin, and all the spooky vibes? Considering the real-feel outside is over 100f, I know I am! If that's the case for you too, I'm delighted to share a solution!

The audiobook for The Vintage Medium is now available on AMAZON and AUDIBLE. Hollie Jackson, who narrated the previous books in the series, and I have teamed up once more to take you back to Chancellor. 

So, if you ware in the mood for a cool autumn breeze, I've got you covered!

About The Vintage Medium

People think being haunted is a bad thing.

That’s because they’ve never visited The Curiosity Curio.

The spirits who linger in my store dance the jitterbug, look after the plants, and gossip about long-dead relatives. Even though no one believes me about my mediumistic gifts, it’s my job to aid these lost souls. I can help them, even if I gave up hoping to find someone who understood me long ago. Call me a vintage-items peddler, but it’s my duty to match ghosts—and the objects to which they are attached—with the people who need them.

That’s where James comes in. James Herringbone, the high-end antique dealer who looks like he just stepped out of an expensive cologne ad, possesses a pocket watch I desperately need. Until I get it back, the spirit of a flapper girl who haunts my shop will let me have no rest. Talking to James isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I mean, he is perfection in glasses and a tweed jacket, even if he looks down on junk-item antiquarians like me.

But when I try to bargain with James for the pocket watch, things get…complicated.

Of course they do.

Because this is Chancellor, where magic lives on every corner.

The Vintage Medium is a stand-alone cozy fantasy romance set in the magical small town of Chancellor.

The Vintage Medium is available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook on Amazon!
You can get a signed paperback of Tess's story from my Etsy shop!


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