The Blackthorn Queen Now Available


It' time to escape to ancient henges and misty mountains in The Blackthorn Queen. My new adventure set during the time of the second of Roman invasion of Britain is now available. This time, we are looking at this historic even through the lens of the Brigantes tribe and their queen, Cartimandua.

Boudica is forever remembered as the fierce warrior queen who pushed back against Rome. She has totally earned that honor. But to her north, Queen Cartimandua ruled the largest Celtic tribe, ruled longer, and is the first recorded queen in English history.

So, who was she? Little is written about Cartimandua and the Brigantes, but a little digging begins to reveal some detail about Cartimandua's world. One clue is found in the tribal name. The Brigantes appear to be named for one of the patron goddesses, Brigantia. Brigantia is a twin goddess. Brigantia ruled the warm seasons from Beltane to Samhain. She was a lady of waters and stars. On the other hand, the dark lady Cailleach ruled the cold, winter months from Samhain to Beltane. This detail helps us get an idea about the Brigantes people. They were a people of who lived under the shadow of duality with many shades of grey in-between. 

For the purpose of my series, I put a lot of emphasis on the worship of these goddesses and the role of their priestesses. The lands of the Brigantes in northern England and southern Scotland is dotted with ancient henges and sacred places. This created a rich, religious landscape for the Brigantes people. So, what did this sacred world look like for the Brigantes people? In my series, I try to answer this question. Cartimandua is a devout follower of the twin goddesses, and that frames many of her decisions, dictates who she listens to, and guides her actions. She is guided by her goddesses and their priestesses. It's a fascinating viewpoint to consider, and I hope you all enjoy this exploration.

Join me on this adventure in The Blackthorn Queen on Amazon.

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