Releasing July 25th: The Blackthorn Queen


I'm delighted to share that we will be returning to Celtic Britannia once more in my new series, Eagles and Crows. Book one of this series, The Blackthorn Queen, will release on Tuesday, July 25th. The Blackthorn Queen begins the saga of Queen Cartimandua of the Brigantes.

Cartimandua is the first recorded queen in English history, but little is known about her. When is written about Cartimandua is recorded by Roman historians. In the hands of these writers, Cartimandua is depicted as a loose woman with poor morals who cannot control her tribe--or her husband. In reality, Cartimandua controlled the largest Celtic tribe during the time of the second Roman invasion. And, she held on to her tribe for a lot longer than many other tribal leaders, including our beloved Boudica. The end of Cartimandua's story is murky, and nothing is written about her early life. I look forward to bringing this ancient queen, a woman of wit, strength, and devotion to her tribe, to life!

From ancient henges to windswept mountains, dive into a world where pagan gods rule, powerful priestesses weave magic, and fierce Celtic tribes battle for dominance.

Britain, AD 38, Princess Cartimandua—Carti—of the Brigantes tribe faces an uncertain future when her father’s sudden death ignites turmoil. Suspicion falls on the Crow People of the Votadini tribe, straining the fragile peace between the factions.

But they’re not the only ones bearing a grudge.

A tangled web of political games soon unfolds. When enigmatic Prince Cormag of the Votadini shows the princess unwanted attention, the Brigantes’ alliance with the Carvetti is shaken. Cartimandua’s dream of marrying gallant Prince Venutiux of the Carvetti is put at risk. Soon, Carti finds herself at the center of a whirlwind of divided loyalties.

Yet amidst the misty forests and the blackthorn trees, the Cailleach, the ancient dark goddess of the Brigantes people, whispers that all is not as it seems. With the fate of her tribe at stake, Carti must learn to navigate the treacherous waters of politics, duty, magic, and love.

From New York Times bestselling author Melanie Karsak, The Blackthorn Queen transports readers to northern Celtic Britain on the precipice of the second Roman invasion, introducing us to Cartimandua, princess of the powerful Brigantes tribe.

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