Now Available! Shield-Maiden: Gambit of Shadows on Audiobook


I'm really excited to share that Shield-Maiden: Gambit of Shadows is now available on audiobook! Lesley Parkin is back to narrate the second novel in Ervie's tale. I have to admit, Lesley's narration of this book made me cry. It was so brilliantly done. If you haven't had a chance to hear her work yet, I really think you will enjoy it. The entire series is available via Amazon, Audible, and Apple on audiobook. You can find out more here:

Shield-Maiden: Gambit of Shadows on Amazon or Audible

About the Book

A kingdom at war.

A conflict forged in the tragedies of the past.

A shield-maiden thrust into the heart of it all.

Just when Ervie was beginning to break free of the shadows that plagued her, the Gauls set her world on fire. With King Harald murdered, the warhorn calls for revenge. From Skagen to Grund, the Vikings will rally to avenge the heinous attack. Ervie will soon find herself in the middle of it all—even if her heart is still in the Myrkviðr.

As war with the Gauls flashes to an inferno, the embers of a more serious problem smolder to life. Prince Hlod of the Huns is making plans of his own. Ervie and Loptr will soon find themselves on a collision course with destiny as they race to save the ones they love.

Continue Ervie’s tale in Shield-Maiden: Gambit of Shadows.

Fans of Viking tales will relish The Shadows of Valhalla series. This sweeping Viking historical fantasy retells the story of the second legendary heroine named Hervor—called Ervie by those who know her well—the inspiring shield-maiden from the Norse Hervarar Saga.

Readers of The Road to Valhalla series will love this next-generation tale in a beloved Viking world.