Queen of Stone: A Novel of Boudica, Book 2 in the Celtic Rebels series, Available for Preorder


I'm delighted to share that book 2 of my Celtic Rebels series, Queen of Stone, is now available for preorder. This novel will continue the tale of Boudica, following her as the Roman invasion of ancient Britain begins.

About the Book:

Britain, A.D. 43

With the arrival of the Romans, Boudica’s world is in upheaval. She and Prasutagus must decide where they stand. Will they fight the invaders alongside Caratacus or bargain with the Romans to secure the future of the Iceni? Every choice seems like a bad one. But more than anything, Boudica wants to keep her people and her family safe. Whispers from the greenwood—the groves, the rivers, and the stones—warn of unseen dangers. Can Boudica protect all she loves without bowing to the eagle?

Continue the epic tale of the famous warrior queen in Queen of Stone: A Novel of Boudica, book 2 in the Celtic Rebels series by New York Times bestseller Melanie Karsak.

Queen of Stone is available for preorder on Amazon.