New Release! Shield-Maiden: Winternights Gambit Now Available!


I'm excited to finally share a surprise! I will be continuing my Viking sagas in a new series titled The Shadows of Valhalla. The series will focus on Blomma and Jarl Mjord's daughter. While she was named Hervor at birth, this shield-maiden goes by the name of Ervie. I have just published a prequel, winter-themed novella (13k words), to introduce you to Ervie and give you a look at our Viking world after "The End" at the conclusion of Shield-Maiden: Under the Dark Moon. Expect to see many familiar faces in this winter novella.

About the Book:

An heir to ashes.

A princess without a throne.

Ervie, the daughter of the warrior-shaman Jarl Mjord and the völva Lady Blomma, was born to rule two jarldoms and wield a magical bloodline reaching to Asgard itself. But the Norns have not been kind. Her father dead, now all she has is a famous name and a lingering sense of what might have been. But this Winternights blót, the Ǽsir will conspire to set the Reindeer Princess on her path toward destiny.

Fans of Vikings and The Last Kingdom will relish The Shadows of Valhalla series. This sweeping Viking historical fantasy retells the story of the second heroine named Hervor—called Ervie by those who know her well—the inspiring shield-maiden from the Norse Hervarar Saga.

You will find Shield-Maiden: Winternights Gambit available on Amazon!