New Release: The Dark Bazaar, The Berkano Vampire Collection

Novel Description

No one returns from the Dark Bazaar.

I am the last full-blooded witch in Istanbul. When a magical rift tore the world apart, humans, witches, and vampires were left behind. Peace among us has never been easy. But now, our fragile accord is crumbling.

The vampires have started abducting humans, taking them to the Dark Bazaar to be sold for their blood--or worse. Mehmet the Wise, leader of the humans, has withdrawn his people behind the walls of their zone. And the elders of my magical order, charged with keeping the peace, are doing nothing. A war is coming, and I'm the only one who seems to give a damn.

To save my district, I'll have to put my faith in the one person I trust the least: Erlik, King of the Berkano vampires. The vampire's charms are no match for my magic, but there is a sparkle in his eyes that promises to be more dangerous than anything else in Nazar. And I just can't seem to look away.

Maybe what they say is true. No one returns from the Dark Bazaar. Including me.

Join Pelin in her quest to save Nazar in The Dark Bazaar.

THE DARK BAZAAR is a standalone contribution to The Berkano Vampire collection, part of Fallen Sorcery. Stories can be read in any order.

It's release day for The Dark Bazaar! I was very excited to be invited to participate in this new shared-world collection. The Dark Bazaar is one of a group of novels, all standalones, all written by different authors, in The Berkano Vampire Collection.

The Berkano Vampire Collection tells the story of a magical rift that destroyed the world. Left behind in the ruins are humans, witches, and vampires. Each Division is sealed off from the rest by magical forces that protect its inhabitants. My story is set in Istanbul, my husband's home city. I was in Istanbul a few years ago and was so taken with the city. The Grand Bazaar was the perfect setting for a vampire's nest. I also housed my survivors in other historical or noteable places like Topkapi Palace (depicted on the cover), Dolmabahce Palace, Yedikule Fortress, the Blue Mosque, turkish baths, and in the Taksim area. I tried to pull in the sights and sounds of Istanbul.  Here are some photos from my trip:

I hope everyone likes Pelin's story. Writing vampires and witches in the apocalypse is no problem for me, but it was a stretch to write in a shared world. I think, however, the novel turned out well. It was fun to play on a different turf with different rules. You can find out more about this collection at and you can find the novel on Amazon!

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