Curiouser and Curiouser - Steampunk Alice in Wonderland coming in the Dominion Rising Boxed Set! Now available for pre-order on Amazon!

Things are about to get very CURIOUS around here! I'm really pleased to share the title of my work in the upcoming Dominion Rising boxed set. I've penned a steampunk Alice in Wonderland titled Curiouser and Curiouser. This fairy tale retelling will be one of a collection of steampunk fairy tales I'll have out later this year. I don't have a blurb yet, but expect a kick-butt Alice set in the same steampunk London as my Airship Racing Chronicles series. All my steampunk works will share the same world so you are very likely to see some familiar faces and overlap. Lots of Easter egg hunting for you! This book was enormous fun to write. I mean, it's Alice! The above banner has just a little glimpse at my cover which I'll reveal later on (along with the blurb). Curiouser and Curiouser will release on its own in the winter and will have an audiobook, but there will be a bit of a wait, just so you know. All the love is headed toward the boxed set as we chase those NYT letters again!

Dominion Rising really has some great books under way. I'm really excited to read this set. Not only are all the books new, but guys, they are very high quality. The authors included in this box are USA Today, NYT, and award-winners...and just really good writers. This set is going to kick-ass. The cover got a new look. I like the steampunky arm, don't you?

Now, for the box details and where you can find it:

Find the Science Fiction and Fantasy reads you've been craving! Whether it's alien invasion or dark fairytales, heart-pounding galactic adventures or cyberpunk romance, Dominion Rising will satisfy with a thrilling mix of 22 all-new full-length novels set in fantastical realms.

Sword and sorcery, far-flung galactic empires, alternative history, epic magic, slipstream futures: this collection of carefully selected, exclusive novels is sure to please and delight readers of speculative fiction.

Over five thousand pages packed with aliens, faeries, vampires, gargoyles, warriors, telepaths, space pirates, starship captains, hapless mercenaries, street urchins, robots, cyber-enhanced humans, badass heroines, and lost princesses. 

These award-winning, New York TimesUSA Today and international bestselling authors have left no stone un-turned in the science fiction and epic fantasy universe to bring you the very best escape from planet Earth. 

All the novels are only available in the Dominion Rising collection.

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Where to Pre-Order a Copy:

I'm super excited to be in this new boxed set. It's an amazing collection and I think if you like steampunk, fantasy, and scifi, you are going to really be happy with this collection. I kinda had some fangirl moments where I discovered who was in this set with me. Epic!

And I'm really so excited to share my new collection with you. I will be finishing the Airship Racing Chronicles and the Celtic Blood Series this summer. Next year, I am on sabbatical for work so I'll be research and writing full time for a year. Cannot wait to get started!

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