Current Giveaways! Win $1000 or an ipad pro!

Well guys, what did you think of the season premiere of The Walking Dead? This image pretty much sums up my feelings. Wow, I was not ready for that. On the one hand, I had actually guessed who was going to go, but not like that. I wasn't ready. That was an episode I'll never forget. *Shudders* On the flip side, I just recently discovered Supernatural and I LOOOOVE it.

Okay, the gory of TWD aside, on to the goods! I'm sponsoring a couple of great giveaways right now. The first giveaway is for $1000 and a stack o' books. The second giveaway has an ipad and some great books up for grabs. I just wanted to make sure everyone has a chance to enter to win these awesome prizes!

Good luck!


  1. Yeah, Supernatural is great! As for The Walking Dead, I did not like the newest episode. It was just weird.

    1. I really didn't care for it either, Sandra. I found it needlessly violent (says the girl who wrote a scene with zombie cub scouts). But it was beyond what was needed. I found it really disturbing.