Highland Blood Releases Wednesday! Let's have a sneak peek

It's almost release day! Nothing like an upcoming release to get an author...excited (read crazy, sleepless, showerless, etc.). If you read the first book in this series, and its accompanying Author's Note, you'll already know this series likes to give me fit. FITS, I tell ya!

If you've been with me for awhile, you'll already know this series went though a rebranding. The series was previously titled "The Saga of Lady MacBeth," and Book 1 was titled "Lady Macbeth: Daughter of Ravens." The market didn't respond well to the old cover or title. Of course, that was no surprise given the "curse" that seemed to surround the book.

But here we are, once more, with a new book. I had originally intended The Celtic Blood Series as a trilogy. Well, working on Highland Blood, I discovered I have at least 4, if not 5, books to give you in this series. So the good new is there will be an additional book in The Celtic Blood Series!

I can't say a lot about the upcoming tale that isn't really spoilerish, but I do have the tiniest of sneak peeks for you from the very first chapter.

Oh! And if you are new to me or my series, I put Book 1 on sale for 99 cents. The novel is set in a historical time period, but features dark magic, sword play, wizardry, the fey, and necromancy. This isn't your grandma's historical romance. :)

Sneak Peek

I took two hesitant steps into the darkness. Thora bumped against my leg. My head felt dizzy. My temples pounded. A sharp pain seared across my forehead, making me wince. It was all I could do to stay upright. Thora began to whimper when the darkness didn’t pass. We were stuck between worlds. The silence was thick and heavy, the darkness tangible. If I didn’t focus, we could get lost forever in the in-between space, neither the realm of the living nor the otherworld. I shuddered at the thought. I forced myself to concentrate past the pain wracking my body. I could feel the living, breathing world just beyond my grasp. It was like someone had dropped a black veil between me and the realm of the corporeal. I breathed in deeply, trying to inhale the smell of earth, to hear the sounds of nature, to feel the living energy which belonged to the world of men.
It felt like an eternity before the sound of trickling water came to my ears. The sharp, tangy scent of mud filled my nostrils. We’d made it back. We were in the realm of the living but where? It was so dark. I took a few steps forward but my foot caught on something, and I fell into the wet mud face first. Thora whined. I reached out in the darkness and felt mud, roots, water, and gritty stone. We were in a cave. Water dripped from roots overhead. The air was spiced with elemental smells. I rose and wiped the mud off my face and out of my mouth. Carefully, I reached out and touched the cave wall. It was wet and slimy.
Using the cave wall as a guide, I worked my way forward. Water trickled over my hand, down my arm, and into my dress. My foot slipped. When I reached out to steady myself, I felt the soft body of a bat. It screeched and flew out of the cave.
I jarred sideways and fell into the mud again.
Thora whimpered.
“It’s okay, girl. We’ll get out of here, and everything will be okay,” I said, trying to convince both her and me.
It was too dark to see, but I knew my hands, knees, and elbows were bleeding. Mud worked into the cuts. The wounds stung. I dashed away hot tears of frustration, and tried to keep my focus on my task. This was just a small inconvenience. My physical body could survive this discomfort. At the end of this trial, my love would be waiting for me. A marriage contract…finally, Madelaine had secured my match with Banquo.

Something wicked this way comes.

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