Christmas Treats Giveaway Hop! Win $10 Amazon Cash!

I love this time of year! For my day job, I'm a professor at a local college. That means, at this time of year, I'm on break! Usually that means epic binge reading and TV watching! Right now I'm powering through Chanda Hahn's and Marissa Meyer's series. Love them both. About to start my binge of Vikings. As someone who writes about vikings, I should have started watching this series long back. This season, for many of us, is all about the BINGE. We binge on food, drink, and items. We also binge on time with friends, family, and many of us donate to charity at this time of year. It's fun to binge on all the really great things.

Let's make sure you have some extra spending money to binge as you like as well. How does $10 Amazon cash sound?

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