Playing with Magic by Carrie Wells Now Available

Novel description: 

Liza Scott can't be bothered with her obnoxious roommate. She’s far too busy enjoying life in college and playing video games. As a top notch, tournament-level gamer, life seems to be going great despite the questions of her childhood. That’s when she finds herself getting dizzy in the oddest places.

Those spells lead her to even odder situations, both in life and online, and spells of another kind entirely.

Faced with life-altering information about herself medically and metaphysically, and joined by her best friend Felix, Liza faces the changes in her life and her new role as witch royalty. But what she really wants to focus on is the gorgeous Fathom Burke who suddenly seems to know who she is.

Maybe it’s coincidence, but maybe, just maybe, it’s magic. 

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