Summer of Zombie: Zombie Hospital by Jolie du Pre

Welcome To Our Zombie Hospital

The zombie apocalypse is upon us, spreading its ugly wings all over our beautiful planet and making the few humans left hide as deep as they can. The biggest problem is that more and more humans get bitten and infected with the nasty zombie virus, thus increasing the number of zombies.

Luckily, there’s still hope for the infected. The zombie hospital is the place where all the effects can be reversed so that these individuals regain their human status.

Once you get admitted into the hospital, you won’t see the daylight again until you get cured. The treatment consists of a series of prolonged UV exposure sessions. UV rays have the power of weakening the zombie virus, leaving it powerless, ready to get killed. This happens in the second stage of the treatment. Unfortunately, some patients are too weak to resist the first stage, which is quite aggressive. It is similar to what chemotherapy does to the human body while also killing the cancerous cells.

UV exposure makes the patients very vulnerable. This is why the second stage of the treatment takes place in an isolated aisle of the zombie hospital, where only a handful of doctors and medical nurses have access. Patients are put in metal containers, which are then exposed to extremely powerful magnetic fields, generated with the help of huge electromagnets. The polarity of the magnets is reversed every two minutes, the result being a Brownian movement of all cells in the body. This stage of the treatment takes several hours. When it is over, the patient is returned to the human condition.

However, the convalescence is a critical phase. Patients need to receive proper nutrition and human love. Otherwise, they pass away. Those who can afford to pay the hospital fees during their convalescence have more chances to be saved than those who are forced to return to the streets. However, they can only die, they are never going to turn into zombies again if bitten or infected with the zombie virus.

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Jolie du Pre is a dystopian author, paranormal romance author, article writer, blogger and lover of monsters, especially zombies.  The third book in her zombie series, Benton: A Zombie Novel, Vol. 3, is available now at Amazon.  


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