Summer of Zombie: Teaser, P.M. Barnes' Zombie Seed

Searching for food had gotten easier and easier, with fewer zombie spotted each time. It was one of the only reasons that the council had allowed her to accompany this particular search party.

Fucking council, what a joke Claire thought.  What it really amounted to, was the last bastions of old world macho bullshit.  The few survivors who had lasted through those first hard months had banded together and started to rebuild.  Not rebuild so much as just survive.  And of course, in the face of uncertainty antiquated ways had returned.

Part of the reason for the power dynamic, was that out of the hundred or so people in the enclave, only 15 were women.  In a situation where humanity needed to be rebuilt entirely by their group, you had to protect the breeders.  Or so Jack the council leader kept saying.

Even though they had yet to run into any other groups, Claire had a hard time believing that they were the only survivors.  Partly because it was so depressing and partly because the idea of spending out the rest of her days leaning to the whims of the all-male council would be too much.

She also had a sinking suspicion as to what would be coming in the next stretch.

Now that the running and constant fear had ebbed, she knew it was just a matter of time before the other 14 women and herself, got to the next part of their “duties”.

In the first days following the turn of events that had lead the world to this low place, no one had even thought about babies.  What would you do with them?  They would only be a liability…too loud and too needy.

But now…now.  She didn’t want to think about now.  So she had volunteered, met with a little resistance, but ultimately made it into the party.  What she hoped was to take her mind off of what the future might hold and possibly…possibly see for herself that no others remained.

Their destination was about 15 miles out from the enclave.  For the most part the areas within that distance had already been cleaned out of anything worth taking.  With such a small group they had been able to ration items pretty well and rarely felt the crunch of not having food or other necessities.

Truth be told the mid-sized apartment complex they had taken over had offered more than enough room and to this point privacy.  Other than the boredom and the sense of pending troubles, her life was pretty easy.  She almost felt a little guilty to be thinking of a way out.  Shouldn’t she be glad she was alive, had food to eat, shelter?  It could have been so much worse.

In those early days before she made her way to the enclave, the things she had seen.  She still woke up nights, sheets clinging to her nude body, shivering, thinking about Bruce, checking her body for bites.  Yes, she was lucky.

She snapped back to the here and now.

Even though the previous parties had reported little to no zombie activity, she still knew enough to know that not being alert could get you killed, or worse in this new world.

*   *   *   *   *

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