Chasing the Green Fairy Now Available on Audiobook!

I'm really excited to share that Chasing the Green Fairy is now available on Audiobook! This is probably the most emotional book I have ever written. Proofing this book was an emotional chose. I do most of my audiobook listening on the way to and from work. There are some really difficult chapters in this novel. I ended up arriving a work red-eyed one morning.

I hope you enjoy the continuation of Lily's tale. After this novel, I took a little break from the series to work on my dark fantasy zombie series, but I anticipate Chasing the Fog will be released early 2016. You can pick up Chasing Christmas Past as a tie-over and I have another such tie-over in the works as well.



  1. The idea of audio book is great. It is so much easier and it even helps handicap person to enjoy the book so that they can also have the same experience by listening to it.

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