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Some characters are just fools.

In The Harvesting, I have a character named Jeff. Jeff is an amalgam of every jerk I've ever met. Always cock-sure, always coming up with bad ideas, he's the kind of guy who rushes out the front door even though everyone is screaming at him not to. In fact, he's the kind of guy who blares rock music so loud that it attracts a horde of zombies. Fools, however, are fun to write. Its fun to play with these kinds of characters. How many fools have you met in your life that you would have loved to see get what they deserved?

In my new novella, Ink, I have a new fool in the form of Manx, King of the Gulf Mers. Manx believes he is entitled to everything he wants when he wants it just because he is King. He is the kind of fool that is blinded by his arrogance. Manx doesn't realize that not everyone is impressed by titles and good looks. Ink, who isn't even looking for love, deserves someone far deeper. Will she find her match? What do you think? I look forward to sharing my new fool with you. You'll find him in Ink, which releases in June.


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