Lady Macbeth: Daughter of Ravens is LIVE!

Lady Macbeth is LIVE!

It's a bit surreal to imagine that this book is actual live out in the world out there. In the novel (and in my newsletter), I have a pretty lengthy Author's Note about just how long it has taken to get this novel into the hands of readers. A decade. Can you believe it? That said, I'm still feeling a bit uneasy about how the book will be received . . . but then, every book makes me feel like this! I almost quit writing after The Harvesting was first released and didn't do all that well, but I didn't give up. Now, it's my best-selling book! I expected some people to recoil in horror when they met Lily Stargazer, my opium addicted airship racer in The Airship Racing Chronicles series. Some people did, but more people see in Lily what I see, someone to love. How will readers react to Gruoch? Will they dislike how witchy and pagan she is? Will they dislike the slower pace but magical themes in the book? Will they "get" that she is young, a little naive, and not really ready for everything life is about to throw at her thus acts rashly, imperfectly. Will they "get" it or will they think I'm a bad writer just because readers find her young, naive, and responding a bit oddly/disconnectedly to all the changes coming her way. Well, I guess we will know soon enough. The book will find it's readers in either case. Putting the novel together was a labor of love. I do hope you find something inside for you!

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