T.P. Grish casts the characters of The Remus Rothwyn Chronicles

For a little fun, I asked author T. P. Grish to cast the character of Cast The Remus Rothwyn Chronicles. I asked the author "if your series were turned into a movie, what would your dream cast look like? Who would you want to play your characters and why?" Check out the author's selections below:

I could only dream about that, and I do not know which actors and actresses would be suitable for most of my characters, and I would not want to spoil reader's perception of them by choosing the wrong actor. The only character for whom I have a very strong perception of which actor would suit them, is Gedderick. But, I will give it a try for Remus, Elaina and Perfidian as well.

Remus- Formerly a woodcutter and amateur Sage from High Peaks, he is of slightly above average height, has light brown skin, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Moderately muscular and barrel chested, with long limbs, he is vaguely handsome in an unorthodox and rugged way, with a scholar’s brow (slightly large forehead) and slightly large nose. I don't know who would be suitable, maybe the actor (Craig Horner) who played Richard from the Legend of the Seeker TV series based on Goodkind's novels, with some make-up, physical training and other accoutrements?

Perfidian- Tall, charming, debonair, with fair Norlathan skin and blond hair, and light blue eyes. A bard who left his homeland to seek tales and adventure, he is used to cities, settlements, and dealing with the type of folk you meet in taverns and inns, both high class and low. Skilled with the longsword and longbow, as well as the lute, he is optimistic and flexible, but relies on his perception of the world, and his friends, to deal with the problems in the world, not necessarily handling it well when that perception is pierced. I am sure there are many suitable actors, but I can't help but think of a young Cary Elwes of Princess Bride fame.

 Elaina- Tall with willowy limbs, piercing dark blue eyes, hair of flax with blue streaks. A powerful Touched, formidable, sympathetic but indomitable and quick to defend others from tyranny. There are many great actresses that could play her- unfortunately I am not up to date with celebrities and actors. Perhaps someone like Blake Lively, but a bit more formidable looking?

Gedderick- The Royal Eye spy and assassin, lean, brutal, skilled, intelligent, indepdendent, determined. I would love Christopher Heyerdahl of Sanctuary fame, or Jeremy Irons to play him.

Many thanks to T. P. Grish for stopping by to talk characters. Stop by Amazon to pick up this series (available in box set too)!

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