The Harvesting is FREE on Amazon 8/28-9/1!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let my readers know that I have a little gift for you! In case you haven't picked up a copy of The Harvesting, it will be FREE on Amazon over the Labor Day weekend. If you're in the mood for something a little dark, you will have fun with my dark fantasy/zombie mash-up. And you will totally love Layla. Here is sweet Little Layla drawn up for me by artist Heather Ainsley. Isn't she cute?

Little Layla

How about a project status update? I have two projects that I am "this close" to launching.

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Lady Macbeth

Well, now I know why Shakespeare found Lady Macbeth so difficult to deal with. Once my editor and I dug into the project, we realized that, after edits, the novel was going to be something like 250,000 words long . . . more than 1200 pages. Yikes! We spent the summer breaking the book into manageable three parts. I will be releasing the first book in the saga, Lady Macbeth; Daughter of Ravens, as soon as the edits are complete. The novel is done, I'm just rolling that bolder up the hill to make it perfect for you!


Fans of The Harvesting series will be happy to know that Midway is about 2 chapters from complete. Midway is A Harvesting Series Novella that chronicles the story of Cricket and Vella, two apocalypse survivors, whose storyline runs parallel to Layla's.

Check out my board for Midway on Pinterest!

After these two ladies are put to rest I have a midgrade steampunk project in the works as well as The Shadow Aspect, Book II in The Harvesting Series. If I only had more time or could download all the stories in my brain  . . . I would be a happy girl!

ps . . . fans of Lily Stargazer will be happy to know that Chasing the Fog is in the line-up for 2015.

Be well!

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