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Have you tried steampunk yet? It's Jules Verne meets Dan Brown in The Airship Racing Chronicles, an exciting romantic steampunk adventure series. Book I of The Airship Racing Chronicles is FREE this week!

Top 10 Finisher: Best Steampunk Novel of 2013, Preditors and Editors Reader's Poll
"If you like your lofty steampunk sexy and adventurous, you may want to give this story a try," - SFF World

"Mere words don't seem adequate to explain how truly brilliant this story is,"- My Book Addiction

"While Chasing the Star Garden will certainly engage the Steampunk connoisseurs with its gadgetry and elegance, it's the intense attention paid to each characters' personal importance to the overall story that makes it a great adventure,"- Colossal Pop

"The author paints a vivid portrait of Venice, with its palazzi, jewel-coloured waters, masks, and gondolas. Venice truly comes to life as well as the other destinations visited in the course of following the mystery around the kaleidoscope. It is, indeed, a feast for the senses," - Torre de Babel

"One of my favorite things about this book is the world building. It is amazing. I could easily envision the airships, the airship towers, sky pirates, and the elaborate dress and contraptions of this steampunk fantasy. I absolutely loved it!" - Gin's Book Notes

"Chasing the Star Garden was a captivating tale from the complex characters to the breathtaking world-building. Karsak's writing has a flow and ease to it that allows the reader to slip into the worlds she creates." - Kimba the Caffeinated Coffee Reviewer

"The cover art is just a sampling of the overall beauty of the novel . . . Lily Stargazer is sort of an anti-hero with her absinthe and opium addictions, not to mention having multiple lovers. But, at the same time, she is so beautiful, rebellious, and tough that I found it impossible not to love her" - Twisted Book Junkie

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Little Lily by Heather Ainsley

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