Book Blast & Giveaway: Eden's Darkness by D. M. Sears

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What would you do if the person you loved the most became the very thing you were fighting to destroy?
Eden will have to answer that very question before her quest is through. The land she has come to love is at dire risk of being lost to the shadows seeking to consume it. Circenn, now the consort of Darkness, waits to claim her granddaughter and her powers, unaware that Darkness has his own agenda.
He has but little time to obtain his vessel and find his true form. Will he succeed? And will Eden be able to face the disturbing visions that continue to pursue her Nightmares will become reality in Eden's Darkness, Book Two in the Ellethny Series.

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“It’s an ambush!” Lex yelled, out of breath yet trying to be loud enough for all to hear. Shadows were coming in waves out of the forest blocking any escape route we may have had.
“Lexington, get behind me!” Val set up a barrier between them and the shades, doing what she could to keep Lex safe this time. “I can only hold this for a few moments. Eden now would be a good time to do something.”
“You got it.”
I took off in a dead run calling up my dragon. Bronze scales covered my body from toes to head; my feathery wings transformed into those of the dragon. As I ascended up into the sky, my body finished changing and I was Ryu, in all her splendor and ferocity. The penumbral outline of my birthmark glowed brightly on my dragon’s forearm. Ryu burst through the sky like liquid bronze bellowing white fire from her mouth.
Be careful my heart.
You be careful. I am safer than you are right now.
You have to keep our daughter safe.
She is fine. Always the worried papa. Let us finish this-- I am getting bored.
You would think this kind of excitement would make your evening.
Nah, they need some new tricks, been there done that.
I blew off the situation with my carefree attitude, but deep inside I knew this couldn’t continue. My family and friends were wearing down, and I would be giving birth soon.
Ryu’s vision allowed me to see everything going on at once. The shades I burned were writhing on the ground, screaming a shrill of agony that was deafening. I searched the ground, monitoring my companions. I zeroed in on Maiya pinned by two shadows; a third was working its way towards her. I searched for the closest of my family to go to her aide.
Gregor, Maiya needs help--there are too many shadows attacking her at once. Go to her quickly!
The thought of another person being seriously injured as my uncle had been was not an option.
That will not happen Eden. I will not allow those insects to harm her.
I sent a mental swell of pride at him. My vampire, always so chivalrous.
You are a pleasant distraction my heart, but just now I must stay focused.
Gregor raced with blinding speed over to the silver wolf and threw the two shadows back; the crunch of bone against rock gave a sickening echo. Koren saw what was happening and ran at the third, clamping his strong jaws around the shade’s neck, ripping the head from the body. Black ooze splattered from the head as it was severed from the neck. Maiya rolled over onto her feet and sprang at another shadow, never missing a beat, always ready for the next assailant.

I admired my friends and family for fighting with me, for putting their lives in the balance for a cause that was mine.

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D.M. Sears lives in Missouri with her daughter and one crazy cat. Her first paranormal fantasy, Eden's Mark, was recently published by Solstice Publishing. D.M. Sears is a Director of an early childhood center and bakes cupcakes on the side. She loves most genres of books and is currently finishing Book 2 in the Ellethny Series.

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