A quick dispatch of awesome . . .

Just wanted to share a quick dispatch with everyone about some great things that happened this week. First, my friend and fellow steampunk writer Jacqueline Garlick (check out her awesome book Lumiere) pointed out to me that Chasing the Star Garden placed in the Top 10 Steampunk Books of 2013 in the Preditors and Editors Reader Poll! How did I miss that? Who cares! How cool is that?


And something happened that is pretty awe-some. All writers struggle with self-doubt, and I never thought I would see this day. Check out this goodness. While I know the list "stickness" won't last, pictures are worth a thousand (or 65,000) words.

Amazon was even nice enough to give me the little flag:
I've been writing since I was a kid and, in the past, had more shoe boxes full of rejection notices than a person needs or deserves (I totally trashed them, btw, in a fit of "moving on" energy). I spent years and years failing as a writer until one day I just gave up. More than a decade later, I tried again . . . and would you look at that. Never give up on your dreams.
Hugs and many thanks . . .

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  1. Your book is awesome! It is featured on http://www.extaordinaryreads.com today the 02/03/2014