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I am very pleased to welcome author Evelyn Ink back to SteamU. SteamU Professor Ink's new release, Silver Tongue, is a thrilling follow-up to her first novel, Ill-fated. Today Ms. Ink's characters give us a little insight into their world through the exchange of letters. I'm sure you'll enjoy these as much as I did.

Silver Tongue, Novel Blurb:

As the ice melts on Pearl Lake and the first frost blossom pushes its way up through the snow, a letter arrives. It is a request from the royal family; Belin is to spend the summer in Casterwick. Not just a week or two stuck in court, but the entire summer! Belin Vaulatrix is, as her mother puts it, “The only daughter of prominence who has been invited.” As the realization of what this means begins to sink in, Belin has no choice but to make her escape. The entire country will have to grow walls before she is going to marry that fat, dullard of a boy Edmon Casterwick!

However, in a country on the verge of civil war, plagued with a series of mysterious disappearances, she might just find herself on an adventure she does not expect…

For deep in the tunnels and passages of the Grendel mines there is a secret waiting to be uncovered – a mysterious weapon left behind and long forgotten. An army is forming, the country is dividing, and a terrible weapon is about to be unleashed on the innocent.

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Today’s Lecture by SteamU Professor: Evelyn Ink

Author of: Silver Tongue

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Getting to know the world of Belin Vaulatrix:

Letters to and from Belin and her Cousin Chloe
Letter from Chloe Sedgemoor to Belin Vaulatrix,
12th day in the Month of Gales
My Darling Cousin Belin,
I cannot tell you how much I miss you just now! Things are quite insane around here. The horrid Forwraths have been with us almost a full week and you can’t believe how absolutely riled Shevia’s beastly mother is. Apparently Lady Lacinda was entirely convinced that Edmon was going to choose the ill-tempered Shevia to marry! Of course for your sake, darling, I wish he had, as she is quite horrible and just what he deserves.
            That aside, the entire conversation was incredibly amusing, La-de-da Lacinda was in an utter rage, apparently it was their hope to get in good with King Larken the Large and swing the vote. You know how knocked off all the Lords, Dukes, and Drears are about the whole ‘more land to the poor thing’ Old King Larken’s got going. Father thinks we’re on the edge of a revolution or something, sounds exciting! Can you imagine the Families battling it out???
            Course your family and mine are just enlightened enough to know we ought not live off the peasants and trounce on the poor, so of course we’ll side with the King, but I know for certain the Forwraths and the Bolthorns are all in a terrible vex! Shevia dropped that they are doubling their guard! That’s like a small army. It is absolute madness out here, darling. Luckily you’re tucked up away from everyone safe in the mountains, though not for long of course… Sorry love.
            Anyway, I’m going to try and get a royal invitation this summer– just you see if I don’t! And I’ll bet if you pout a bit, Edmon the Sulky will send one out to me straight away. Either way I will be at your betrothal ball (gag) I'm sorry to even say those words– whatever are you going to do? Can you quite honestly go through with this?
            All of my love,
P.S. Your Mother told my mother, who then told Lady Lacinda (but I overheard) that you have been spending too much time with that ridiculously good looking Sentry-boy (wink wink) Sender is it? Anyway she said you shouldn't be "forming bonds below your station." Ha! Well Done Darling!
 Letter from Belin Vaulatrix to Chloe Sedgemoor
29th day in the Month of Gales
 Dearest Chloe,
There will be no betrothal ball! I have no intention of going through with this horrible marriage, the entire country of Shalendorf will have to grow walls before I marry that fat, dull, sausage of a boy!
            Right. So… that said, I haven't quite figured out what to do. I'm thinking Southland. You know my cousin Leila, the one who went on the quest? She survived it and said loads of people live there just fine. But how does one get there exactly? I could take a boat I suppose or, even better, a sky ship! Gale cutters fly out of Starksbastion don't they? Well, as you can see I haven't quite got it all figured out yet…
            Bleak Bones Darling! Have you heard about all the missing children? Our parlormaid went missing last week! Just gone– POOF No Lydia! Not to mention two other children who worked in Ivorydeep disappeared as well! What can be happening? Father thinks it might be drudge hunters, you know like they have in Southland? Those horrid people who steal children and sell them as slaves! Edgil says it is hired knives and they're using the children to make an army? I told him that was the stupidest thing I had ever heard, but then Sender said that horses and weapons are going missing too!
            Anyway, I don't know what to do now– Croak Bones! Sneaking out of the country when everything is so chaotic seems like it might not be the best idea. Oh and Sender gave me a knife. A knife? What kind of lousy gift is that? I was hoping for something a bit more romantic since we will likely be parted FOREVER! I don't understand boys at all.
            Drat Cats! Mother is coming. I must seal the envelope before she insists upon reading this. Missing you so!
            Your cousin,

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