SteamU; Author Spotlight, Quinne Darkover

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Today at SteamU, I want to introduce you to author Quinne Darkover. Quinne is the author of The Captain and the Lady Fair, an exciting new steampunk story.

Novel blurb:

The Captain has a past that haunts him. Following his inner voice, he and his crew fly the Lady Fair through a storm, find and rescue Alexandria and a baby she has saved from an assassins explosion on a transport luxury airship. That's when his quiet life as the Captain and owner of the airship Lady Fair ends and his adventures begin. He and his dedicated crew fight to stay alive and flying. His crew is his adopted family and to protect them all, he won't go down easy against dreadnaughts, gunships, airsharks or assassins. Ahead of his time he protects and nurtures women that he cares about and those he sees as wronged. Supporting women adds to his troubles.

Amazon Reviews:

"The Captain and The Lady Fair” is an intriguing adventure novel set in 1898. It is a book about hope, endurance and changes that happen in the world. Women become stronger and independent, ​and the author captures this very well in his work."

"A true pleasure to read. Endearing characters, each with their own unique quality. Plenty of action, mystery and an adequate dose of romance."

Book Trailer for Captain and the Lady Fair:

About the Author:

Born in Tampa Fla, Quinne ( pronounced like two initials Q N ) has lived in England, Spain Italy, and Africa, traveled most of the U.S. and visited the East and West Caribbean. Quinne started his working life in satellite communications for aircraft for 11 years then changed his career to managing various clubs of over 1500 members for the next ten years. He has managed and overseen formal dinners that included Congressmen and Generals as special guests. He has let his varied interests take him through electronic, management and culinary schools and even flight school in Europe. Besides cooking he enjoys movies and Ren Faires for which he makes his own garb. Quinne has been in stage plays, acted as an extra on TV, read for Radio Reading Services for the Blind for 2 years and has been scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands. His pleasure is in making foods people enjoy but not overly complex. Hobbies include photography, sewing and reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. His next project will be working on cookbook 2. He has finished and published his Steampunk novel 'The Captain and the Lady Fair'. The sequel is in progress.
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