No Kiss Blog Fest; Sneak Peek from my YA Fantasy/Alt. History Novel coming May 2014!

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So many writers, be they novelists or script writers, are great a building romantic tension. The height of this, of course, is the ALMOST kiss. How many movies, TV shows, and books have you read where characters have the no kiss? It's so darned frustrating, but it keeps your dreams alive for the kiss to come!

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I have a great No Kiss coming up in a novel that will be released later this spring. I'm going to be a bit of a tease and hide the title and character names for now (I'll be using this sneak peek for a reveal game next month), but here is a fun No Kiss scene and a sneak peek at something coming soon!

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Sneak Peek: The No Kiss from my TBR YA Fantasy/Alt. History Novel coming May 2014!

The door opened without warning, causing a little cry to escape from Ute.

            “Hello?” B. called.

            “My lady is bathing!” Ute exclaimed.

            “Come,” I called.

            “My Lady?” Ute questioned.

            “You’re excused. Go and see if you can find my green velvet gown. I think it is upstairs in G.'s room.”

            “Yes, my lady.”

            B. entered quietly as Ute left. “It wasn't important. It could have waited.”

            “What difference does it make? We’ve been naked together before. Come around where I can see you.”

            B. hesitated. Finally, he came to stand in front of me. He tried his best not to look at me.

            I laughed. “Come now, how much different can I look?”

            “I don’t know.”

            “Then look at me.”


            “Look at me.”

            He did as I asked.

            We both giggled.

            I dunked my head under the water and then began to rub soap through my hair.

            “What herbs are you using?”

            “Lavender, rose, mint, and the rest is secret.”

            “Even from a Druid?”

            “Even from a Druid.”

            I scrubbed my hair then dipped my body back under water.

            B. smiled at me.

            “So, did you want something, or were you simply hoping to catch me naked?” I asked with a wink.

            “Of course . . . I wasn’t . . . oh hell, C.!” he said with a laugh. “Actually, I was looking for M..”

            “Well, this is the last place you should have looked.”

            “I thought that after yesterday’s talk, maybe he would be here.”

            “No, he isn't. Will you scrub my back?”

            B. sighed. He went behind the wash tub and sat down on the stool that Ute had set out. I handed him the sponge, and he drizzled water over my back.

            “Why did you need M?”

            “T. is here.”

            “Did you check the hall?”

            “Yes. His papers are there, but he isn’t.”

            I nodded and was still. The feeling of him smoothing the sponge across my skin made my flesh rise up in goose bumps. The hot water had made the windows steam up.

            B. too had fallen quiet. After a while he said, “Your skin is so white, so smooth.”

            “Thank you,” I whispered.

            The sponge fell into the water. With soapy hands, B. began to lather my back. He smoothed his hands across my shoulder blades. I felt my eyes flutter closed, and I thought back to that day long ago with Sid and the pool.

            “You didn’t tell me if I look the same,” I whispered.

            His hands rolled over my shoulders, and his fingers ran along my collar bone. “You don’t.”

            I sat quietly and felt his finger tips on me. “No? What’s different?”

            He slid his soapy hands down my wet arms, his fingers grazing the sides of my beasts.

            I inhaled deeply.

            “You are thinner now,” he whispered.

            His hands slid back up my arms, again touching the sides of my breasts. I caught hold of his hands and placed them on my breasts. Leaning back, I raised my arms up behind me and wrapped them around his neck. My whole body ached and tingled, and I heard him breathing hard.

            “Are they less pleasurable?”

            He rolled his hands, wet with soap, around my breasts and over my nipples which hardened to his touch. I felt his hot breath on my shoulders and in my ear. “They are extraordinary,” he whispered.

            I turned and came face to face with him, my oldest, dearest friend. We leaned toward one another.

            There was a familiar knock on the door. B. had just enough time to stand up and step back.

            Ute entered. “I found the green dress, my lady.”

            “I’ll . . . well, I’ll go and look for him,” B. then left.

            I took a deep breath and slid underwater, letting the heat of the liquid envelop me.

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  1. Those poorly timed knock! The bane of all illicit kisses! Definitely a lot of tension in this entry!! Perfect for no-kissing! Thanks for taking part!!

    1. That knock is always troublesome! Thanks for stopping by and for organizing the event :)

  2. Oops, caught in the almost act. Well done.

    1. Ha! I think this scene might of ended up in an ALMOST more than a kiss :)

  3. No kissing, but there was a lot more, very steamy ;-)

    1. Yeah, my characters have issues with self control, lol!

  4. How extraordinarily frustrating.

    1. Indeed, and at this point in the book, this scene is years of heartache and longing in the making :) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hmm shower time. Fantastical in a way, intimate and yet there is a lot of talking going on for that situation. Well done.

    1. Thank you so much. It's nice to hear I hit what I was going for. You never know for sure if you are in left field or not!

  6. If you're going to not kiss, then surely this is the way to go. :)