SteamU Finals Week: A Steampunk Christmas List

Dear Santa,
The students at SteamU have created this Christmas shopping list. They have been good all year, and I think they deserve something nice! Here are a few of the items we put on our Christmas list this year. Won't you be nice and drop a few of these steampunk goodies in our stockings?

Stocking Stuffer #1: A Chad Schimmel Steampunk Fountain Pen

This summer I was cruising Kickstarter and spotted Schimmel's campaign for his steampunk pens. Aren't they lovely! Chad Schimmel's campaign was funded and now he has a wonderful line of steampunk pens on the market. He also created amazing steampunk jewelry and a other wonderful pens. Dear Santa, won't you bring us a fine fountain pen?

Chad Schimmel Online

 Stocking Stuffer #2: An Erin Keck Clockwork Gears Clock

I started seeing these beautiful clocks EVERYWHERE steampunks roam, but nothing was tagged with the artist! After a bit of research, I discovered the maker of these gorgeous steampunk clocks was PA native Erin Keck. Erin makes the clocks to order and can make a clock for you large enough to cover your entire wall or a standard size clock. She can also tailor the clocks to fit your personal passions. Santa, we know this won't fit in the stocking. Will you be a dear and leave one under the tree?

Here is a video by Erin discussing her clock designs and how to make a clock:

Connect with Erin!

Stocking Stuffer #3: An Aimee Stewart 2014 Steampunk Calendar

If you missed my interview with the talented Aimee Stewart earlier this year, you can still read that here: Author Spotlight, Aimee Stewart. Aimee is a gifted artist whose work bends from the whimsical to the steampunk and everywhere else in-between. I admit I am a bit fan girl about her work. This year, dear Santa, please flood Aimee's Redbubble account with orders for her steampunk calendar!

Find Aimee's Work Here:

Stocking Stuffer #4: Brian Kesinger's Victoria and Ottis T-Shirt

As a steampunk, I have mixed feelings about t-shirts in general, but I adore Brian Kesinger's Victoria and Otto series. I do believe that we all should have such a splendid t-shirt to run about in when our daily life frowns upon bustles and corsets, don't you? Besides, while you are at Clockwork Couture, you will find oodles of other goodies to enjoy. Santa, get some goggles while you are there. They will help you drive your sleigh, with or without Rudolph!

All things wonderful at Clockwork Couture

Stocking Stuffer #5: Steampunk Jewelry from Aunt Matilda's Jewelry Box

Clearly, Santa, I could be here all day, and I really haven't been that good of a girl. But if you don't mind, can you stop by my dear friend at Aunt Matlida's Jewelry Box and pick us up some lovely steampunk jewelry? I would really appreciate it!
Well, students, finals are done. Take a much needed break and join me again in the spring semester for some more engaging lectures by writers such as Karen Kincy and Scott Kincade. Have a wonderful holiday season, and do pick up some reading for extra credit, won't you?
~Class Dismissed!

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