SteamU: Author Profile, Nathan Yocum

Welcome, students, to SteamU! This week at SteamU, we are featuring Nathan Yocum, author of Automatic Woman.

About SteamU Professor Yocum:

Nathan is an author, teacher, and entrepreneur living on the Big Island of Hawai'i. His first novel, The Zona, is available through Curiosity Quills.

He is also the editor-in-chief of SpecLit Masters Magazine. SpecLit Masters Magazine is a fantastic journal which focuses on master writers in speculative fiction. Steampunk fans will enjoy the second issue which honors Jules Verne and Victorian Science Fiction. Included in the edition are works paying homage to this canonical writer.

Connect with the author:

Nathan Yocum on Amazon

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Curiosity Quills



The Automatic Woman:


Novel Description:

Praise for Automatic Woman:"Steampunk done right. If you want your Sherlock Holmes ala Guy Richie, with the all the grit, cockney, and braggadocio of 19th century that never was, Automatic Woman is the one not to miss." - E. Golosovker

"There are no simple cases. But... there are plenty of simply great books. Automatic Woman happens to be one of them." - Krystal Wade, bestselling author.

About Automatic Woman:

There are no simple cases. Jacob “Jolly” Fellows knows this.

The London of 1888, the London of steam engines, Victorian intrigue, and horseless carriages is not a safe place nor simple place…but it’s his place. Jolly is a thief catcher, a door-crashing thug for the prestigious Bow Street Firm, assigned to track down a life sized automatic ballerina. But when theft turns to murder and murder turns to conspiracy, can Jolly keep his head above water? Can a thief catcher catch a killer?

Automatic Woman is the second novel from award winning screenwriter Nathan L. Yocum. A volatile mix of steampunk, noir, historical fiction, and two-fisted action, Automatic Woman takes us to a place that never was yet we all know so well… the London of Jules Verne, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jack the Ripper and Bram Stoker with a pneumatic twist

More Praise for Automatic Woman:

"Beautiful is a good word for Automatic Woman. So are incandescent and mesmerizing." - Vicki Keire, bestselling author.

Purchase here: & Barnes and Noble

Special thanks to Nathan Yocum for allowing us to feature him at SteamU today! Automatic Woman is a fabulous steampunk read. Add it to your Goodreads shelf and pick up a copy at Amazon today!

Class Dismissed!

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