Zombie Monday Madness; The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

Oh. My. Gah!

You're such a tease, AMC, such a tease! A note about spoilers and TWD. I have not read TWD comics nor am I reading any Season 4 spoilers, but I do watch the previews and subscribe to social media outlets that post production photos from TWD. That is the extent of my "spoilery" knowledge on the show.

So, that said, let's all sit back and take in the Comi-Con release of TWD Season 4 trailer.

What can we expect? What did we learn?

A focus on zombies has returned! Walker behavior is changing, and walkers seem more decayed. Why are walkers acting differently? Why are they bunching up? What does it imply? As walkers loose their organic material, will they continue to be reanimated? In Season 1 of TWD, Dr. Jenner explained that walkers are driven by primitive brain instincts. What will happen when that organic material rots? Does Rick and the group just have to wait it out until decomposition runs its course? Does the tree/ground decomposed zombie hint at the future?

We are resupplied with red shirts! While I still think Beth's days have to be numbered, Woodbury has us now awash in red shirts. Hershel says they will loose 12 of their own. No doubt that number has to be taken in context. Is that statement made regarding their situation before or after the "war" with Woodbury? I love the addition of Tyreese, but was not impressed with Karen. Do we have any premonitions for who might go the way of the red shirt during season 4? I worry about Sasha and Beth. From Season 1, only Carol, Daryl, Rick, Glenn, and Carl remain. I somewhat doubt anyone from the core group will be killed off at this point. What do you think?

Romance galore! A wedding in zombieland? By the end of season 3, I was beginning to find the Glenn and Maggie romance distracting--and not in a good way. But as I wait for season 4, I think a little love helps to make the show more realistic. Too much love, however, is bad. I am not pro Daryl and Carol hooking up because I like the tension their confused relationship creates. People are talking furiously about Rick and Michonne. Well, that's a definite improvement from Lori, but Michonne needs to emote a bit more this season to make any romance seem plausible. In any zombie story, its hard to find the right romantic balance. Season 2 showed us it is easy to push the romance envelope too far. Let's see what happens in season 4.

Oh Governor, where art thou? Is the Gov the one letting the walkers into the prison? Does he have a spy on the inside? Morrissey is part of the cast of season 4, but is he now a distraction from or an addition to the overall survival plot? Will he become too much like a comic villain? What role will he take in season 4?

These are just a few of the many questions that come into play as we get our first glimpse at season 4. I look forward to a return of character development over an emphasis on plot device. And I really hope we are done with ghost Lori. Please, please no more ghost Lori.

Waiting for October . . .


  1. I watched the trailer AS SOON as it was posted from Comic-Con. I am such a huge TWD fan. I despise the time I have to wait for new episodes.

    I think season 4 is going to kick ass! Season 3 was a bit off at times, but I wasn't about to stop watching. I refuse to read the comics, only because I'm so enthralled by the show and I don't want the comics to take anything away from my experience. I have read both of the novels, though.

    I love the idea of the zombies evolving. And even though I'm hot for Daryl Dixon, I'm going to miss Morrissey's face if we don't get to see it as often. lol. And yes, please just LET LORI DIE ALREADY!

    By the way, did you see the recent article from Kirkman talking about how the very vocal fans of Daryl's are almost daring him to do something drastic? Eeep!

  2. I have avoided the comics for the same reason. I agree that season 3 had its off moments . . . and I am really disappointed with what they did with Andrea's character arc! I like Morrissey as well, I just hope they won't push it too far. I think Kirkman won't mess with Daryl, I think he knows he would loose his fan-base. The only way I can see Daryl dying is in sacrifice to another, like Carol, which would just be heartbreaking!