You're Undead. Now What?

I have the great fortune of guest blogging at Mama Knows Books today. Today I am waxing poetic about what you should do if, sadly, you do go zombie. Here is just a taste . . .

You were bit by a zombie. That sucks. No, wait, that would be vampires . . . instead, that bites. You were lucky enough not to be eaten alive but not lucky enough to avoid being bitten. Bad luck, friend. Now you have nasty zombie-goo pumping through your veins, and you are about to turn you into a reanimated corpse. What’s a girl to do? In this guide, I offer some suggestion on how to handle your metamorphosis from living to undead both pre-and post-mortem.
In the short few hours before you turn into a zombie. What should you be doing? Here are a few suggestions:
  • Pass off all your ammo to your group or leave it where it can be easily found if you are a solitary. Give someone a chance even if you are doomed.
For the rest of my tips, please stop by Mama Knows Books!

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