Why Faeries and Zombies Belong Together

Today I have the great pleasure of stopping by the Speculative Salon where I write about zombies and faeries--yes, zombies and faeries. The great dichotomy! Please stop by the Speculative Salon to check out the full essay. Here is just a taste:

Crossing Genres; Why Faeries and Zombies Belong Together
By Melanie Karsak

**Before I begin the post, I want to let readers know that I will be talking about some of the “other” paranormal creatures in my series, “The Harvesting.” I will do my best not to give away any big surprises, but you will discover one minor spoiler here.

My book jacket mentions that in “The Harvesting,” we have the story of Layla’s struggles during the zombie apocalypse. I also allude to the fact that zombies are not her only problem. Other creatures have been lurking about in our world waiting for mankind’s fall from power. In the world of “The Harvesting,” there are several supernatural creatures creeping about. One of the first “otherworld” players Layla encounters are “forest spirits.” Now, why in the world would a book about zombies include forest spirits or faeries? Some die-hard zombie readers hit the fantastical wall in “The Harvesting” then turn the novel aside in confusion. But one must consider what zombies and faeries communicate about us and the duality of their metaphor.

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