Living or Undead; The Hamletville Checklist

Continuing on with my book tour via Bewitching Books, today I am stopping at "So much to write, so little time." Roxanne, my lovely hostess, was kind enough to give me a guest spot on her blog today. Check out the "Living or Undead; The Hamletville Checklist." Here is just a taste . . .

The undead are troublesome. Unless their guts are hanging out of their stomach, it’s not always easy to determine if someone if undead or if they just really need a cup of coffee. After all, the undead need not be flesh eating zombies. There are many kinds of undead: vampires—sparkly or not–, windigo, ghouls, ghosts, etc. The good folks of Hamletville, the resident survivors of the “zompire” apocalypse in “The Harvesting,” have put together a checklist for you to determine that all important question: living or undead?

1)      The individual is groaning and shuffling. Living or undead?
This can be difficult to determine. Anyone intoxicated, studying for finals, or the parents of small children exhibit these features . . .  For more, head here:  "Living or Undead; The Hamletville Checklist."

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