Dispatch 5: Projects Update . . . Standing by . . .

I just thought I would share a status update on my projects underway. I know some of you are waiting for the "The Shadow Aspect," so I thought to let all my patient readers know when to expect something new!
Very, thank you very much

"The Shadow Aspect" is underway and a hefty portion is done. I set the book aside for a moment when I made a couple of changes to my original plan for the setting--good, needed changes--, and I wanted to think about and process those before I continued. I do most of my writing in my head so thinking is a major part of writing for me. I didn't want to go ahead with something just be to finished fast then end up rewriting half the book or publishing something not up to quality. I want to make sure the book is what it needs to be. Additionally, I wanted to consider the parallel perspectives in the book. Some readers have not really understood or liked what was going on with "The Parallel" in "The Harvesting." This has given me pause and inspiration. In the end, I need to be true to my story, but I want my readers to be happy readers. So, I have a master plan . . . but like all such plans, it's top secret (but awesome).
I also completed two novels in a Steampunk series, adventure/romance with fantasy elements, featuring a protagonist I know you will adore. More about that soon. I just need there to be more of me. Thanks to the readers of "The Harvesting" series for your patience waiting for "The Shadow Aspect." More updates and some pre-views will be posting soon!

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