The Shadow Aspect Playlist

For fun, I thought I would put together a little playlist of all the tunes that are running about in The Shadow Aspect thus far.  I have to warn you, my playlists might be a little Tarantino-esque.  Some songs actually make an appearance in the text, others are inspiring the work as I write.  I included YouTube links, so give the page a minute to load.  Enjoy . . .

"Bullet with Butterfly Wings" by The Smashing Pumpkins
"These Boots are Made for Walkin'" by Nancy Sinatra

"Boadicea" by Enya
"Call Me" by Blonie
More Links to Come!  Stay tuned :)


  1. Hi Melanie,

    Read about Harvest on Naomi's blog. Sounds great. I see you have a contest as well. I'll enter and hope to win, if not I'll buy it. Love your playlist, very interesting. I'm a writer as well as a reader. Wrote my first zombie novel for the NaNoWriMo. Lot of fun. Look forward to reading yours. Mary E. Merrell

  2. It is so much fun to write zombies, isn't it! Congrats on writing your first novel! Thanks for the nice words! Best--Melanie