Amazing Steampunk Giveaway: Indie Steampunk Extravaganza!

Yes, my friends, it is the year of steampunk! Don't all those covers look great together? If you haven't read any works in this genre yet, well, what are you waiting for? For readers not familiar with steampunk, let me give you a few fast facts. You can read more about steampunk HERE.
  • Steampunk is usually in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre and is usually considered Alternative History. Some writers are heavy scifi (you can't make me say syfy) and some writers are more fantasy-oriented. As well, you will find a lot of steampunk writing has heavily romantic themes (including Chasing the Star Garden).

  • Steampunk takes its cues from Jules Verne and HG Wells instead of (or more than) from Tolkien. Steampunk works often depict scientific invention ahead of or alternative to its time: airships, steam-powered machines, clockwork gadgets (clockpunk), sky pirates, submarines, etc. Think League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

  • Many steampunk works are often set in the gaslamp aesthetic of Victorian England. But steampunk enviroments can be evoked from any period, including in Dystopian works. Karen Kincy's Shadows of Aspodhel, for example, is a deiselpunk work set in 1913 Austria-Hungary. 

Ready to get started reading in your new favorite genre? Get to work!

Hey look, I have TEN ebook copies of Chasing the Star Garden up for grabs! Get yours now before Chasing the Green Fairy is released!

This giveaway is INT!

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  1. Please, please, please, tell me this is international :-)
    They all look amazing and I'm dying to read Nefertitis Heart!!
    Thank you so much and Happy New Year.

    1. Because they are all ebooks, I do think it is INT. I agree, I am looking forward to reading Exley's series too!

  2. Thanks for this great chance to the selection. Happy New Year from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  3. Thanks for the giveaway! It is INT??? I'm from Romania! :) I want to read all! They look amazing!!!!

    1. Hi Laura,
      Yes, all the books in the Indie Steampunk Giveaway are INT gives :)

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