SteamU; Susan Beatrice of All Natural Arts, a Steampunk Profile

Fans of steampunk might have seen images of the steampunk fairy, clockwork bunny, and amazing tinkered pocket watches, but who is the artist behind these creations? Susan Beatrice, a New Jersey artist with a passion for the environment, developed All Natural Arts as a venue for selling her beautiful creations made from recycled, earth-friendly resources. Her amazing sculptures, tinkered designs, and paintings are popular amongst steampunk fans, but this talented sculptor works in many mediums. For today's SteamU lecture, we will profile a fan favorite, Susan (Sue) Beatrice.
My first exposure to Susan Beatrice's work was her Steampunk Fairy. Judging from the comments of her Facebook followers, now more that 14,000, I am not the first to discover the talented artist through fairy magic. This lovely piece is so popular, Beatrice is having the work cast in pewter.
Beatrice's Steampunk Fairy - my favorite!
While Beatrice's work is certainly steampunk, you will see many whimsical inspirations in her work. From carousel horses to mermaids, Beatrice's artwork delights connoisseurs of the mystical.
Beatrice began crafting at an early age, earning a showing of her work at the age of 14. At the age of 18, when most of us are still trying to figure out what we want to be in in life, Beatrice began work as a sculptor for the Franklin Mint. While Beatrice can be contacted for work on commission, email her at, she has also worked with such high-profile brands as Disney and the Harry Potter franchise. Beatrice's amazing work recently landed her a nomination for the ballot of a Hugo Award.
Beatrice stays true to her "All Natural" brand, working in sand sculpture and pumpkin carving. The artist recently participated in Sand Castle University, lending her magnificent hand to an array of sand-sculpted wonders. Here is an example of her steampunk lion:
Beatrice and other talented sculptors have also participated in pumpkin sculpting at Boo at the Zoo at the Bronx Zoo. You can see more of her work at Pumpkin Sculpt USA. Here is just a sample:
Photo: Here is this weekend's carve for the Boo at the Zoo event at the Bronx Zoo. There's no add-ons on this piece for a change. This was a BIG pumpkin, probably close to 130 lbs or so.
Beatrice is a talented artist with steampunk flare. Fans will truly enjoy and take inspiration from looking over her portfolio. If you are interested in her work, please contact the artist at
Isn't she amazing? For homework, please visit her webpage at:
Susan Beatrice's Webpage: All Natural Arts
For extra credit, go like her Facebook page:
Susan Beatrice's on Facebook: All Natural Arts on Facebook
Visit us next Friday for a SteamU lecture by steampunk writer Helena Harker. Don't be late for class!

Class dismissed!


---Professor Karsak



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