Welcome 2013

Well, the Mayan Apocalypse was a bust, but 2013 is shaping up to be a great year!  I have a number of fantastic projects in the works.  Let me provide you with a few teasers, shall I?

The Harvesting Series

The Shadow Aspect, Volume II of The Harvesting Series, is still slated for Spring 2013 publication.  I have spent the last week talking to the cover artist and looking at mock-ups.  The cover for The Shadow Aspect is beautiful, and I can't wait for you to see it.

The Harvesting Series Volume III is slated for late summer publication, and I am still on target to make that date.  The working title for that book is The Meek, but I am not sure if that is going to stick or not.  We'll see if I get a last minute inspiration for the title of that work.

New Projects:

I have two new projects in the works.  One is a novel I have been hammering away at for the last couple of years.  It is a beautiful work of fiction about ancient Slavic magic.  That work will actually introduce you to Layla's ancestors and has some tie-in, while loose, to The Harvesting Series works.

Steampunk, baby.  I hope to traditionally publish an amazing steampunk work this year.  It is my best and most creative piece of writing yet.  I am super excited for you to meet my protagonist in that piece.  We'll celebrate the move from zombies to Steampunk in a big way.  Stay tuned!

Check back in for more updates about upcoming works!  Now if I can just make it to summer break . . .