The Burnt Earth Series


Scorched: The Last Nomads, Book 1
Scorched: Sun Extinction

Survive the Night. Suffer the Day.

Every day, I pray my sister survived the wasteland--and that the bond between us will be enough for me to find her.

One hundred and sixty-seven years ago, a solar coronal mass ejection devastated civilization. In the blink of an eye, modern technology died. Destroying the grid might not have brought about our end, but the solar superstorm blighted the land and made us sick. After the crisis, lawlessness ruled, and societies fell. This is the hellish world my sister Ash and I grew up in. If it's not the landscape trying to kill you, the wailers who roam the wasteland at night will.

Now our home, The Park, teeters on the brink of extinction. When the annual shipment of supplies from Low Tide outpost failed to arrive, my sister led a small scouting party to find out what happened.

But she never came back. No one did.

I can either hope for a miracle or mourn her for dead. I can't live with either option. The elders won't let me leave. But nothing will keep me from Ash. The unexpected arrival of The Dead Troupe--part-nomads, part-performers--offers an unexpected opportunity to find her.
Now I just need to survive the sunburnt earth where the wailers roam and none but the Dead Troupe survive.

Join Keyes in her search for Ash in this post-apocalypse CME fiction with solarpunk and steampunk elements, Scorched: The Last Nomads, The Burnt Earth Series Book One.

Scorched: Sun Extinction

The Burnt Earth Series Prequel

Fear the night. Fight for the day.

When the annual shipment of supplies from Low Tide outpost never arrived, Ash and her friends must leave the safety of The Park and trek across the sunburnt earth through Hell’s Passage, the ruins of an abandoned city, to find out what went wrong.

But the wasteland itself isn’t their biggest problem. Ash's group must survive the night when the wailers, creatures born in the CME’s wake, stalk their prey. But it’s worth the risk. Ash would do anything in order to ensure her sister, Keyes, stays alive, even if it costs Ash her life.

Join Ash as she travels through Hell's Passage in this post-apocalypse CME fiction with solarpunk and steampunk elements.

Scorched: Sun Extinction, a prequel to The Burnt Earth Series. See Scorched: The Last Nomads for Book 1 of the trilogy.