Shield-Maiden: Under the Blood Moon Now Available On Audiobook!


Where are my audiobook listeners? Shield-Maiden: Under the Blood Moon is now available on Audiobook!
As the blood moon rises, the shadow of Ragnarok falls on Uppsala.
With the dark days in Dalr behind them, Hervor and Hofund journey to Grund. Hervor’s focus turns to tracking down the sea kings and taking vengeance, but she soon finds that life in Grund is convoluted. Family grudges, secret alliances, and shady friendships abound in the capital. Everyone has their own agenda, and for some, Hervor is in the way. Hervor will find that surviving Grund is far more complicated than the bloody fields. But a blood moon is rising. Soon, Odin’s shield-maiden must clear the path to her promised matter who must meet Tyrfing to ensure that fate.
Continue the Road to Valhalla series with Shield-Maiden: Under the Blood Moon. Fans of Vikings and The Last Kingdom will relish this viking historical fantasy from New York Times best-selling author Melanie Karsak.

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