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Skol! Svafa's tale is finally here! I'm really excited to share that the prequel to my upcoming Road to Valhalla series is now available for FREE exclusively to my newsletter subscribers!

Under the Strawberry Moon tells the story of Svafa, mother of Hervor, and the events that led up to Hervor's birth. As I was writing book 1 of my new series (Shield-Maiden: Under the Howling Moon, releasing in February), I realized that I really wanted to tell Svafa's tale. Everything in Hervor's life is the direct result of what her mother experienced--makes sense, doesn't it? I wanted to give everyone a glimpse behind the curtain on this one.

So, I decided to do a special release for this book. The paperback of Under the Strawberry Moon is available on Amazon, but you can only her the ebook by subscribing to my newsletter. It's a VIP release.

To receive a FREE copy of Under the Strawberry Moon, just go here and subscribe. You'll receive an email with a link to your free book. Easy peasy.

While it bends on the tragic side of things, I hope you enjoy Svafa's tale.

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