Win an Alice in Wonderland Stacked Teacups Mug

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

To celebrate the release of my steampunk Alice in Wonderland, I have this amazing mug up for grabs. Check out the rafflecopter below for a chance to win!

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  1. Cheshire cat is my favorite! He talks in circles, & his grin is the best! I just love him!! 2nd favorite would be the mad hatter. He is so misunderstood.

  2. Hi! I absolutely loved Alice the best because she is a strong character that is very well developed and kicks ass! I loved her connection with the Caterpillar but I wish there had been more dynamic there!

  3. It is actually a pair I love. The March Hare and Mad Hatter are my favorites.

  4. Nice share. I think your website should come up much higher in the search results than where it is showing up right now….