Double Cover Reveal: Ice and Embers: Steampunk Snow Queen

Monday, July 17, 2017

I'm very pleased to be taking part of a special collection this summer. My retelling if the Snow Queen fairy tale with steampunk elements is part of the Regency Rendezvous Collection. For 12 days, we Scarsdale Publishing is releasing a new Regency novel. Ice and Embers is set during the London Frost Fair of 1814. This novel is part of my Steampunk Fairy Tales Collection. All my steampunk works, including the Airship Racing Chronicles, exist in the same alternative world.

For this novel, I will have two covers. As part of the Regency Rendezvous Collection, my eBook cover has a distinctly Regency feel and fits perfectly with the other covers. Have a look:

Regency Rendezvous eBook Cover

The paperback and audiobook for this novel had the feel of the other books in my fairy tales collection. Sometimes next year the eBook will also carry this cover:

Steampunk Fairy Tales Paperback Cover

The paperback for this book is currently being formatted and will be available soon!

Novel Description

When actress Elyse McKenna fell in love with Lord John Waldegrave, she was prepared to keep their liaison secret. What she wasn’t ready for was how her newfound love would rock her relationship with her dearest friend, Doctor Kai Murray.

With the 1814 London Frost Fair in full swing, Elyse and her troupe at the Ice House Theatre find themselves at the heart of the excitement on the frozen Thames. But when an exotic ship captain, whose vessel is trapped in the ice, turns her attention to Kai, everything Elyse thought she knew about her feelings for her old friend gets flipped upside down.

While the Ice House Theatre’s production of A Midwinter Night’s Dream thrills the London crowd, Elyse’s life begins to take on a distinctly Shakespearean turn.
Elyse must find a way to discover the truth about the captain, Kai, John, and her own feelings if she hopes to escape the Thames with her heart intact.

Ice and Embers is a retelling of the classic Snow Queen fairy tale set in Regency London.

The novel is now available for preorder. I'll be posting the first chapter preview next week!

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New Release: Poison and Potions Boxed Set

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hi everyone,

I'm so excited to share that I'm participating with an amazing group of authors in the Poison and Potions boxed set. My contribution to the set is Ink: A Dark Waters Romance. Some of you may already have a copy of this work. If not, it's currently available exclusively in this set. Check out the line-up and Table of Contents. There are a ton of awesome books in this set. I can't wait to read it myself, lol! I'm really looking forward to reading K. N. Lee's and Monica Corwin's books. And what a cover! I am scheduled to work with this cover artist in the fall on a 2018 project, and I cannot wait.

Hope you all enjoy the set!

Pretty Poison or Deadly Draught? You decide!

Read the never before seen collaboration from today’s top voices in Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. This highly-curated collection contains fourteen EXCLUSIVE stories from today’s NYT and USAT bestselling authors, bringing you tales of magic, madness, malevolence, and so much more, including a majority of BRAND NEW material!

In this one-of-a-kind set, you’ll find thousands of pages packed with shifters, faeries, vampires, witches, and a host of other preternatural creatures! Available for a limited time only, Poison and Potions is a spellbinding opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Including stories from...
New York Times bestselling Erin Hayes 
New York Times bestselling Norma Hinkens 
New York Times bestselling Margo Bond Collins 
USA Today bestselling May Sage 
New York Times bestselling Catherine Vale 
New York Times bestselling Monica Corwin 
New York Times bestselling Thea Atkinson
USA Today bestselling Rachel McClellan
USA Today bestselling Debbie Herbert 
New York Times bestselling Melanie Karsak 
New York Times bestselling K.N. Lee
USA Today bestselling Megan J Parker and Nathan Squires
New York Times bestselling Rebecca Hamilton 
USA Today bestselling author Conner Kressley & New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Hamilton

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