Disney Beauty and the Beast Giveaway (Belle Funko Pop, Journal, & Cup!)

Thursday, December 14, 2017

As my blog tour is underway this week, I am giving away this really great Disney Beauty and the Beast collection to celebrate the release of Beauty and Beastly! The book is a writing journal and is super cute inside. I picked up the cup at Disneyland here in Orlando. It's supposed to light up. One winner will get all these lovely gifts. Be sure to take just a moment to enter!

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New Release: Beauty and Beastly: Steampunk Beauty and the Beast

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I am so excited to announce the release of my latest Steampunk Fairy Tale, Beauty and Beastly! Beauty and the Beast is one of my all-time favorite fairy tales. I loved spinning the story into a steampunk tale. I hope you enjoy this latest addition to the fairy tale family.

Novel Description

In this tale as old as time, Isabelle Hawking must tinker a solution to a heartbreaking mystery.

When Isabelle Hawking and her papa set out from London on a sea voyage, Isabelle is thrilled. Visiting foreign courts, learning from master tinkerers, and studying mechanicals is her dream. And it doesn't hurt that the trip also offers Isabelle an escape from her overbearing and unwanted suitor, Gerard LeBoeuf.

But Isabelle never arrives. Swept up in a tempest, her ship is lost.

Isabelle survives the storm only to be shipwrecked on a seemingly-deserted island. The magical place, dotted with standing stones, faerie mounds, and a crumbling castle, hints of an ancient past. Isabelle may be an unwilling guest, but her arrival marks a new beginning for the beastly residents of this forgotten land.

See how New York Times bestselling author Melanie Karsak puts a steampunk spin on the classic Beauty and the Beast fairy tale.

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Chapter 1 Sneak Peek

Chapter 1: Bonjour

“Isabelle, are you coming?”
My heels clicking on the cobblestone, I hurried behind Papa as I made the last few notes in my journal. The London streets were packed. A group of young airship jockeys, each jostling the other around, bumped into me as they passed. My fountain pen went skidding across the page, blotting ink on my sketch.
“Blast,” I cursed, glaring.
“So sorry, miss,” a young airship captain said. “Are you headed to the market? May I buy you a new journal?”
I frowned at him, suddenly wondering if it had been an accident.
“No. No, thank you,” I said. I slipped my pen into its holder hidden amongst the flowers and feathers on my tiny lady’s top hat and tucked my book into my basket. Grabbing the skirt of my blue gown, I hurried to catch up to Papa as he made his way through the massive arch at the entrance of the Hungerford Market.
I found my father reading over his shopping list and dodging oncoming shoppers as we entered the busy market.
“Know what you’re after?” he asked distractedly as he ran his finger down his list.
“Yes, Papa. The trick is not finding too many things.”
He chuckled. “Indeed. Indeed. At Hungerford Market, that is always a problem. I’m headed to Tinker’s Hall. You?”
“Mister Denick first. I need some new reading materials for the trip. I’ll join you in the hall afterward. Keep an eye out for a glass cylinder for me? Two centimeters or so in length, smallest in circumference that you see?”
“Of course,” Papa said, pinching my cheek.
The market was bustling. Everywhere I looked I saw mechanics, tinkers, chemists, and airship crews. Aside from them were common folk hunting consumables and textiles. I gazed down the aisles. On this end of the market were the fishmongers, fruit and flower vendors, and butchers. On the far end of the market was Tinker’s Hall. While the hall sold all manner of wares for someone in our trade, it was also part social club for the London Tinkers Society of which Papa was a leading member. No doubt he would be lost for an hour or more hobnobbing with his peers. Waving to Papa, I turned and headed in the other direction to Antiquarians’ Hall where Mister Denick kept his bookshop.
But first…
“Good morning, Isabelle,” the baker called when he saw me. He was holding out a freshly-baked egg custard tart wrapped in parchment.
I had to smile. Had I become so predictable? I suppose every Wednesday morning was the same as the Wednesday morning the week before. Papa and I left our workshop along the Thames at precisely eight thirty. We arrived at the Hungerford Market at 9:15. Papa always went to Tinker’s Hall. I always went to Mister Denick’s bookstore, stopping at the baker’s stall first for an egg custard tart. I’d peruse his wares, but like always, he had the same old things, and I bought the same tart. Every Wednesday it was the same routine. It was 9:17, and I was there for my egg custard.
“Thank you, sir,” I said, pressing a coin into his hand in exchange. “Good day.”
“And to you.”
As I walked, I munched the tiny confection. The sweet taste of the buttery crust. The egg custard baked with a firm surface but soft, smooth, filling. The tart still warm from the baker’s oven. Perfection. This was why I never tried anything new. Why change what worked?
“Hello, Isabelle,” Miss Ting called from her stall.
I waved to her. “Good morning, Miss Ting.”
“Need silk string today?” she asked.
I shook my head. “All stocked up!”
She waved happily.
“Isabelle the beauty,” Mister White called then waved. The tobacco vendor, a massive pipe hanging from his mouth, was all smiles.
I nodded politely then waved. Mister White was still under the impression that I should let his son woo me. I had decided it wasn’t my place to inform him that his son had eyes for Master Johnson’s apprentice, Tom. I turned the corner to Antiquarian’s Hall.
Here, the place was less crowded. Well-dressed ladies and gentlemen perused fine artwork from early masters, estate furniture in need of a home, and other beautiful goods from years past.
As I passed two well-dressed women, one of them whispered to her companion. They both looked at me then started giggling.
I looked down at my dress only to see that my bodice was utterly covered in crumbles. When I went to wipe the custard crust mess off, I discovered my fingertips were stained black with ink. I really was quite the sight. I carefully brushed off the crumbs, working gingerly, so I didn’t get ink on my gown, then hurried to Mister Denick’s stall.
A sign reading “The Great Library of Alexandria” hung above the door to his stall. Grinning happily, I went inside.
“Ah, Isabelle,” Mister Denick said. “Come, come. Have a look,” he said, lifting a crate of books and setting it on the counter.
I gasped. “All new? Wherever did you get them?” I asked as I unpacked the two books I had borrowed from Mister Denick last week.
“A gentleman was auctioning off some books from the estate of Horace Walpole, the gentleman who owned Strawberry Hill out in Twickenham.”
“The same gentleman who wrote The Castle of Otranto?”
“The very same!” Mister Denick said, clapping his hands together excitedly. “I got this lot for a bargain. They went quickly, but there are some gems in here. Have a look.”
I picked up each book carefully. Many of the books were written in Greek or Latin. There were a few obscure reads, one on Sumerian religions, another on Russian folklore, but then I spotted two that piqued my curiosity. “These,” I said, setting aside a book about goblins and another on mythical artifacts. “May I borrow them?”
Mister Denick nodded. “Of course, of course. And, I found this for you at an auction on Monday,” he said, setting down a book with a blue leather spine. “It’s in Latin, but it chronicles the inventions of Hero of Alexandria.”
Gasping, I picked up the book and flipped open the pages, my eyes resting on the description of a device called an aeolipile. “Oh, isn’t this amazing?” I gushed. Hero of Alexandria described a device unlike anything I had ever seen before. I hugged the book to my chest. “Thank you so much.”
Master Denick laughed. “Of course, of course.”
“I must keep this volume,” I said, gazing down at the book once more. “What are you asking for this gem?”
“Nothing, my dear. But, if you have a few moments, my clock isn’t keeping the correct time again. And my lamp started flickering.”

Grinning happily, I set my basket on the counter and pulled out the small toolkit from inside. “Lead the way.”

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The Bear and the Nightingale Giveaway

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Just wanted to share a quick note that I have a little holiday giveaway underway! Check out this Amazon Giveaway and enter to win a copy of The Bear and the Nightingale!

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Happy Holidays! Get Mistletoe & Mischief: A Collection of Magical Holiday Tales FREE & Giveaway!

Monday, November 20, 2017

The authors of the Blazing Indie Collective are very excited to share a special holiday release. As a treat to our readers, we joined forces to provide you a special holiday collection for FREE! Check out the Mistletoe and Mischief Collection and enter our holiday giveaway!

Limited Edition Holiday Collection!

Sixteen magical holiday stories from NY Times and USA Today bestsellers and award-winning authors are sure to get you in the holiday spirit. This collection will whisk you from Christmas season in steampunk London to Yule celebrations with the coven to Hanukkah celebrations with a supernatural twist. Battle Krampus, ghosts, vampires, demons, and a hell of an eggnog hangover in this special collection of paranormal, horror, post-apocalyptic, urban fantasy, and steampunk/gaslamp holiday tales.

HELL'S SILVER BELLS by Margo Bond Collins
POINSETTIAS and POLTERGEISTS: A Southern Stones Short by Blaire Edens
ALL IS BRIGHT by Jayne Fury
'TWAS THE NIGHT by Evan Winters
HOLIDAY MAGIC by Carrie L. Wells
DAWN by T.K. Bradley
THE TOWN ON THE MOUNTAIN by Angelique Archer & J. Mills
EGGNOG & EXORCISM by Deb Christie & Margo Bond Collins

Amazon UK and Amazon DE Readers 
Get your FREE copy here:

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New Release: The Dark Bazaar, The Berkano Vampire Collection

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Novel Description

No one returns from the Dark Bazaar.

I am the last full-blooded witch in Istanbul. When a magical rift tore the world apart, humans, witches, and vampires were left behind. Peace among us has never been easy. But now, our fragile accord is crumbling.

The vampires have started abducting humans, taking them to the Dark Bazaar to be sold for their blood--or worse. Mehmet the Wise, leader of the humans, has withdrawn his people behind the walls of their zone. And the elders of my magical order, charged with keeping the peace, are doing nothing. A war is coming, and I'm the only one who seems to give a damn.

To save my district, I'll have to put my faith in the one person I trust the least: Erlik, King of the Berkano vampires. The vampire's charms are no match for my magic, but there is a sparkle in his eyes that promises to be more dangerous than anything else in Nazar. And I just can't seem to look away.

Maybe what they say is true. No one returns from the Dark Bazaar. Including me.

Join Pelin in her quest to save Nazar in The Dark Bazaar.

THE DARK BAZAAR is a standalone contribution to The Berkano Vampire collection, part of Fallen Sorcery. Stories can be read in any order.

It's release day for The Dark Bazaar! I was very excited to be invited to participate in this new shared-world collection. The Dark Bazaar is one of a group of novels, all standalones, all written by different authors, in The Berkano Vampire Collection.

The Berkano Vampire Collection tells the story of a magical rift that destroyed the world. Left behind in the ruins are humans, witches, and vampires. Each Division is sealed off from the rest by magical forces that protect its inhabitants. My story is set in Istanbul, my husband's home city. I was in Istanbul a few years ago and was so taken with the city. The Grand Bazaar was the perfect setting for a vampire's nest. I also housed my survivors in other historical or noteable places like Topkapi Palace (depicted on the cover), Dolmabahce Palace, Yedikule Fortress, the Blue Mosque, turkish baths, and in the Taksim area. I tried to pull in the sights and sounds of Istanbul.  Here are some photos from my trip:

I hope everyone likes Pelin's story. Writing vampires and witches in the apocalypse is no problem for me, but it was a stretch to write in a shared world. I think, however, the novel turned out well. It was fun to play on a different turf with different rules. You can find out more about this collection at FallenSorcery.com and you can find the novel on Amazon!

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Scorched: The Last Nomads Releases 10/18. Sneak Peek of Chapter 1

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I'm really excited to share the Scorched: The Last Nomads releases this week! The novel is 99 cents for pre-order and during release week. This new look at the end of the world comes one-hundred and sixty-seven after a massive coronal mass ejection from the sun devastated out world. In my novel, Keyes, a resident at The Park, is struggling to survive. When her sister goes missing, she needs to decide if she should leave the safety of the walls to search for her.

When I set out to write this book, I had intended a straight up post-apoc thriller. Well, I can never seem to stick to genre. The series has a Mad Max mixed with steampunk/solarpunk feel. Right now, the series is in a place where the world is very rusty and dusty, but by the end, we'll get a very different look at the world. I'll be blogging more about solarpunk and eco-criticism soon. But for now, let's enjoy Keyes' journey!

Buy Scorched: The Last Nomads on Amazon

Survive the Night. Suffer the Day.

Every day, I pray my sister survived the wasteland--and that the bond between us will be enough for me to find her.

One hundred and sixty-seven years ago, a solar coronal mass ejection devastated civilization. In the blink of an eye, modern technology died. Destroying the grid might not have brought about our end, but the solar superstorm blighted the land and made us sick. After the crisis, lawlessness ruled, and societies fell. This is the hellish world my sister Ash and I grew up in. If it's not the landscape trying to kill you, the wailers who roam the wasteland at night will.

Now our home, The Park, teeters on the brink of extinction. When the annual shipment of supplies from Low Tide outpost failed to arrive, my sister led a small scouting party to find out what happened.

But she never came back. No one did.

I can either hope for a miracle or mourn her for dead. I can't live with either option. The elders won't let me leave. But nothing will keep me from Ash. The unexpected arrival of The Dead Troupe--part-nomads, part-performers--offers an unexpected opportunity to find her.

Now I just need to survive the sunburnt earth where the wailers roam and none but the Dead Troupe survive.

Join Keyes in her search for Ash in this post-apocalypse CME fiction with solarpunk and steampunk elements, Scorched: The Last Nomads, The Burnt Earth Series Book One

Chapter 1 

The worn metal casing of the monocular burned the tender skin around my eye as I peered across the wasteland. The wind blew up a torrent of red dust that burned my nose. I stifled a cough. The windmill’s paddles turned, metal squeaking. I scanned the horizon. Nothing moved. Nothing lived. It had been eight days since Ash and her party headed out beyond the walls of The Park on a journey to Low Tide outpost. When the annual shipment of supplies had failed to arrive, my sister had led the expedition to find out why. The only problem was she hadn’t returned.
I panned the lens toward the ruins of the city in the distance. We called the route between our two communities Hell’s Passage. Between the hostile landscape, daily temperature holding well above one hundred degrees, and the dangers inherent traveling through the fallen world, Hell’s Passage was the perfect name. This was the world Ash and I had been born into, a hell complete with its own demons. If the solar sickness or dehydration didn’t kill us, the wailers would. If Ash and her group had been caught out at night when the wailers roamed… No, I wouldn’t think like that.
“Keyes?” Ronan called up from the ground.
I lowered the lens and looked down from my perch on the watchtower at him. Ronan was still wearing his smock and goggles. His black hair stuck out wildly, the silver at his temples looking like wings. His forehead was wrinkled with frustration, his lips drawn into a tight line. “What’s wrong?” I asked.
“I’ve got good news and bad news. Talked to Carrington. I promised her we could get downriver and back in a few hours. Just a quick trip to check things out.”
“She agreed, but on two conditions.”
I slipped my monocular into my toolbelt. Grabbing a rope, I slid down from the watchtower to the ground. My boots landed with a thud, stirring up a cloud of dust. When Ash hadn’t returned on time, I’d started begging the elders to let me leave the safety of The Park to look for my sister. Their answer was a resounding no. But Ronan and I had cooked up a plan. Ash and her group had driven our landsailers down the dry riverbed toward the fallen city. Someone could go see if the ships were parked at the waterfall. That’s where they would have stopped. There was no way around the boulders. If the ships were there, at least we’d have some idea of how far they made it.
“What conditions?” I asked.
“First, that we only go and check for the landships. No detours. We check for the ships then come back.”
“Fine.” Sure, we’d check for the landsailers, but what else might we see? I needed to know how far Ash had made it. Had she gotten to the waterfall? If she had, we’d find the landsailers there. If so, how much further had she made it? Had she gotten as far as the lighthouse, the safe harbor between Low Tide and us? Further? Was she delayed in getting back or had something happened? “And the other condition?”
Ronan pointed in the direction of Park Building.
The building, which had once been the central hub of the natural park where our community resided, sat on a rise above the rest of the small village. One hundred and sixty-seven years ago, a massive coronal mass ejection from the sun had devastated the world. The grids went down. Technology buckled in the blink of an eye. We could have survived it, we could have rebuilt, but it seemed that humans did not fare well in the face of global natural catastrophe. Lawlessness ruled. The Park, which had once boasted small shops, tiny cabins, quaint cafés, and the administrative center—Park Building—became a refuge from the city. Walls had been erected to keep marauders out. But that was when mankind thought their biggest problem was one another. In the years that followed the solar superstorm, it became apparent that the earth had been doused with massive radiation. Crops failed, and people started dying of solar sickness. Worse was what had been born in the CME’s wake. Monsters that lurked only at night: the wailers. Now the walls kept us safe.
But I had been trying to get outside those walls for days. Unfortunately, the elders’ second condition was about to ruin any chance I had of sleuthing.
Enrique made his way toward us. The slender man who wore a perpetual frown had two shotguns strapped on his back. He nodded to Ronan and me. “I’ll go get some water for us then meet you at the gate.”
I shot Ronan a knowing glance. The elders knew me well enough to know that I wouldn’t be satisfied with only half the story. Enrique, leader of the watch and a very self-assured hardhead, was there to keep me in line.
I sighed. “Okay. Well, we’ll have to take it, conditions aside. I’ll meet you in ten,” I said then headed off in the direction of the little house I shared with my sister. I worked quickly, packing up my tools. I also grabbed a map which I’d copied from Ash’s things before she’d left. I drummed my fingers on the paper. If they would just let me go alone. Frowning, I grabbed my goggles and a scarf. I cast a glance at Ash’s empty cot. With our parents gone, Ash was the only person I had left in the world. What did they expect me to do, just sit here and wait? What if she was hurt somewhere out there? Or trapped? I had this terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was wrong. My sister was in trouble. I knew it. And she was still alive. What gave them the right to decide I couldn’t try to find her?
Frustrated, I headed back outside where Ronan and the chronically-irritable Enrique waited.
Enrique handed canteens to both Ronan and me then signaled to the guard on the gate. Metal screeched in protest as they unlatched the locks then turned the wheel to open the massive gates. Dust blew across the wasteland and into the community center. It burned my nose, and the taste of silt filled my mouth. I wrapped my scarf around my nose and mouth and lowered my goggles. The blue-green tinted lenses blocked out the harsh light.
Something had happened to the Earth’s atmosphere in the wake of the solar storm. From what I had read in our small library, the Earth’s protective layers were supposed to keep out harmful radiation. But people were still getting sick. Maybe in another hundred years or so the Earth would heal herself. But by that time, humanity would be dead. Perhaps only the wailers would survive.
“How far do you think they could get in the landships?” Enrique asked as we headed toward the dry riverbed. Ronan and I had worked for the last several months building ships that could travel quickly and easily across flat land. Fashioned from canoes fixed with wheels, sails, and a rudder—based on a design I’d seen of ships that used to race on the frozen lakes—the ships could quickly come up to speed.
“About three miles downriver the terrain gets rough. If they managed around the rocks, they would have had to stop at the waterfall. No more than six or seven miles,” Ronan said.
Enrique nodded then motioned for us to follow him. We walked to the riverbed and began our trek down the rugged landscape. I thought back to the day my sister had left. Ash had gone out with Lordes, Faraday, and Nasir, who loved my sister. All of them were strong. All of them had a reason to live. Something unexpected had happened.
As we walked along the dry riverbed, I glanced at the shapes along the river’s edge. Dry brush and reddish vines with sharp thorns had overgrown what looked like nothing more than heaps along the river. Underneath were the ruins of houses. This area had once been picturesque, a beautiful community nestled against a lovely green park, a river running through it. There was a magazine in Park Building showing the hot air balloon festival that used to be held in the sunny meadows between us and the city. Hundreds of brightly-colored balloons would dot the skyline over the picturesque fields. Now there was nothing but thorny vines, dirt, and the wailers.
We made our way quickly down the dry riverbed. As we went, I spotted a large brick building among the ruins. The vines had completely choked the structure. As we went, I watched for any sign of Ash and the others. The dust had long since blown away their tracks, and thus far, I had seen no sign at all.
Enrique kept checking his timepiece. He was right to be cautious. We had to make it back before dark.
We made our way quickly. As we went, I noticed the terrain growing increasingly rough. The landships could be steered, but between the boulders and the occasional rusted out car, they would not have gotten much further. It wasn’t long after that when we came to the dried up waterfall.
“There,” I said, pointing to a rise in the river made of a mix of concrete and boulders. Beyond that, the river’s depth fell dramatically. On the riverbank nearby, I saw the ruins of several buildings, including one I knew to be an inn which had once enjoyed the picturesque view—before all the water had receded back into the depths of the earth. The landships were sitting beside the jumble of rock.
Ronan and I rushed over to the ships. They had been carefully stashed, the sails lowered, parked in line.
“She made it this far,” Ronan said, setting his hand on my shoulder.
I looked through the ships. There was no sign of anything wrong. No scratches. Nothing broken. No blood.
I exhaled deeply then climbed onto the rocks nearby. I scanned all around. On the bank near the riverbed below, I saw the dirt a hand had shifted, and rocks that had tumbled to the riverbed.
“There,” I said pointing.
Enrique and Ronan joined me.
“See how the dirt is shifted, the rocks loosened. They must have walked down the bank and climbed down there.”
Enrique squinted then nodded.
I pulled out my monocular and looked off in the distance.
“Anything else?” Enrique asked. His voice had a hard edge to it, but I understood his apprehension. On his last trip out, Enrique was part of a group that had encountered trouble. They had lost someone on that voyage. He never ventured beyond the walls after that.
I shook my head. “No.”
“How far is it from here to the lighthouse?” Ronan asked, referring to the midway point between Low Tide and The Park.
“Too far for us to be concerned with,” Enrique said, and then slugged some water from his canteen.
Frowning, I pulled out my map. Enrique was right. It was too far for the three of us to travel before dark.
“Why don’t the two of you rest? I’ll scout downriver, just thirty minutes or so. Maybe I can see—”
“No,” Enrique interrupted. “We’ll go back now. We know they made it this far. That, at least, is something,” he said then turned to the ships. “Should we get these ready and take them back with us?”
“Leave them here. The others may need them when they return,” Ronan said.
“We’ve come all this way,” I said, feeling my chance to figure out what happened slipping from my hands. “What about the inn? If I can get to one of the upper floors, maybe I can see downriver.”
Enrique shook his head. “The wailers like closed, dark places. The place could be infested with them.”
“The windows are open. They won’t be inside if there’s light,” I replied.
“The floor could be compromised. They could be in the basement.”
“But—“ I began, but Enrique cut me off once more.
“Keyes, I know you want to find Ash, but Ramsey sent me to make sure you didn’t get any wild ideas, so that’s what I’m doing. Ash is probably at Low Tide getting ready to make the trip back. And she won’t thank any of us if she comes back and finds out you got yourself killed looking for her.”
I sighed heavily.
“I’m sorry, Keyes,” he added. “Drink up. We need to head back.”
We took a few moments more to drink some water. I couldn’t help but notice the strong taste of sulfur. The water in our reservoir was getting low. We had already started work on another deeper well, but so far, we hadn’t had any luck. Without the supplies from Low Tide to clean the water, we were in trouble. I took another sip of the smelly water then closed up the canteen. Looking just once more through my spyglass downriver, I eyed the city. The window panes on the upper floors of the tall buildings glinted in the sunlight. I winced.
Once more, my stomach twisted. Maybe Ash had made it this far, but something told me that she was not at Low Tide. My sister was in danger, and yet another day was going to pass where I had done nothing to save her

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Who is the Most Badass Woman You Know and Why? Alex Owens Spotlight

Monday, October 16, 2017

I think in some form or fashion, ALL women have the capacity bad-asses. We get up every day and show up, looking that fickle witch called Life straight in the eyes, unblinking. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, even after it's been shattered time and time again. But that doesn't stop us - we love and nurture and wear everyone else's hurts and sorrows upon our own souls like a cloak. We're fiercely loyal, to a fault, not caring about the toll on ourselves. We'll give and give every part of ourselves, often pouring from an empty cup. And we won't stop. Ever. No matter what. We relinquish control over our own bodies for nine months to an alien invader, then enjoy the feeling of a tiny T-rex rip outwards to freedom. A few hours later, we'd do it all again. Why? Because we are tough, we are brave, we are resilient. We're all bad-asses, don't you see?

USA Today bestselling author Alex Owens lives in coastal Virginia with her family, a cranky horse, seven cats and a bull-headed chocolate Lab. She exists solely on caffeine, books and cuss words-- but not always in that order. Find out more at authoralexowens.com. Facebook | Amazon | Newsletter

Trick of Shadows

When I was eleven, I killed my nanny with one blast of magic to the chest. I'd been trying to save her, not that it matters. She's still dead and I still did it. That guilt drives me to eliminate wicked wizards, track werewolves through snowstorms (while freezing my coconuts off) and stomping through graveyards, blessed sword in one hand and a fifth of Fireball in the other, doing my own version of zombie whack-a-mole. It's why I'll hunt the monsters and why they'll fear the hell out of me, because I've got nothing to lose and everything to atone for. But a girl's got to start somewhere and my first job isn't exactly off to a blazing start. I've already lost the thing I was sent to retrieve, there's a nerdy-hot guy who's all up in my business, and my fanged employer is threatening to call my vampire Mother if I don't get my act together and finish the job. Atonement sucks harder than my Mom.

Trick of Shadows is EXCLUSIVE to...

22 Kickass Heroines.
22 Exclusive, Full-length Urban Fantasy Novels.
And 0 Damsels in Distress.
Do you like your leading ladies to save the dayÖ or raze it? No matter which you prefer, this set is brimming with 22 magical stories (many BRAND NEW) told by some of the leading voices of urban fantasy in the industry, including several New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors! If you want strong female leads who strike back against the captivating worlds of vampires, elementals, fiends, and paranormal monsters, then youíre ready to charge into the adventures of HEROINES & HELLIONS, a pure Urban Fantasy collection! Grab your stake, silver bullets, and your limited edition copy of HEROINES & HELLIONS today! Öbut remember: no damsels allowed! This killer line up includes: New York Times bestselling authors Margo Bond Collins & Erin Hayes New York Times bestselling author Monica Corwin New York Times bestselling author Melanie Karsak Award-Winning author Bec McMaster USA Today bestselling author Heather Marie Adkins USA Today bestselling author Jade Kerrion USA Today bestselling author SJ Davis Award-Winning author Rene Folsom USA Today bestselling author Michelle Hercules LJ Andrews Louisa Klein USA Today Bestselling Author Melle Amade Award-Winning author Ashley C. Harris Award-Winning author Kim Cleary Maria Monroe Christina Walker USA Today bestselling author Alex Owens Award-Winning author D.D. Miers Gina A. Watson USA Today bestselling author Ash Krafton Elise Marion Award-Winning author Carly Fall
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Pets in Space 2: Embrace the Romance

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The creative minds of today’s leading SFR authors have joined forces to bring readers 12 amazing, never before released original Science Fiction Romance stories all in one place – Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2!

Embrace the Romance:  Pets in Space 2 Anthology
Release Date: October 10, 2017

The pets are back! Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2, featuring twelve of today’s leading Science Fiction Romance authors, brings you a dozen original stories written just for you! Join in the fun, from the Dragon Lords of Valdier to a trip aboard award-winning author, Veronica Scott’s Nebula Zephyr to journeying back to Luda where Grim is King, for stories that will take you out of this world! Join New York Times, USA TODAY, and Award-winning authors S.E. Smith, M.K. Eidem, Susan Grant, Michelle Howard, Cara Bristol, Veronica Scott, Pauline Baird Jones, Laurie A. Green, Sabine Priestley, Jessica E. Subject, Carol Van Natta, and Alexis Glynn Latner as they share stories and help out Hero-Dogs.org, a charity that supports our veterans!

10% of all preorders and the first months profits go to Hero-Dogs.org. Hero Dogs raises and trains service dogs and places them free of charge with US Veterans to improve quality of life and restore independence.

Other Goodies

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Twelve Original Never Released Stories in Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2

About the Collection

A Novella in the Dragon Lords of Valdier Series
By S.E. Smith (New York Times/USA TODAY Bestselling Author)
An old dragon warrior unexpectedly finds love with a human mate who is as creative and clever as she is dangerous - a perfect combination when poachers attack.

A Novella in the Tornian Series
By M.K. Eidem (USA TODAY Bestselling Author)
Grim’s two young daughters discover an injured raptor and their love, faith, and kindness creates far-reaching consequences no one expects.

The Prince, the Pilot, and the Puppy
(“Star Puppy”) A Novella in The Star Series
By Susan Grant (New York Times/USA TODAY Bestselling, and RITA Award Winning Author)
A talented starfighter pilot and a handsome prince rescue a starving puppy only to discover they are the ones that need saving.

Wired for Love
By Michelle Howard
When a young woman is reluctantly drawn into a scarred soldier's past, they soon find themselves working against an enemy with an old grudge.

Rescued by the Cyborg
A Novella in the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance Series
By Cara Bristol (USA TODAY Bestselling Author)
A cyborg agent, haunted by his past, risks everything for an injured alien woman.

Star Cruise: Songbird
A Novella in The Sectors SF Romance Series
By Veronica Scott
A security officer aboard a spaceship finds his job complicated by his attraction to the interstellar singer he is assigned to protect and the bird he has inherited.

Time Trap
A Novella in the Project Enterprise Series
By Pauline Baird Jones
A time traveling rebel and her parrot partner find themselves in a race against time and in hot water when they fall into the arms of a man who ignites a fire inside her.

Courting Disaster: StarDog 2
A Novella in the Inherited Stars Universe Series
By Laurie A. Green
A commander of a spaceship must come to terms with his past while fighting his attraction to the woman he is escorting – a woman he thinks knows more than she does.

A Novella in the Alien Attachments Series
By Sabine Priestley
A man must convince his former lover that he has changed in order to win her back and help his AI.

Gib and the Tibbar
A Novella in the Galactic Defenders Series
By Jessica E. Subject
A fierce alien warrior receives help from a furry friend to convince the woman he loves that she is the one for him.

Pet Trade
A Novella in the Central Galactic Concordance Series
By Carol Van Natta
An injured veterinarian must confront her fears when an unknown man appears on her doorstep with a shipment of designer pets.

A Novella in the Aeon's Legacy Series
By Alexis Glynn Latner
An interstellar auditor and the manager of a remote mining station must defend the station from attackers – with help from the station’s extraordinary mascot.

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