Chasing the Green Fairy is on tour!

Monday, March 31, 2014

All this week, Chasing the Green Fairy is on tour with Lady Amber. Readers who loved Chasing the Star Garden are treated to an all new adventure in this new book in the series. To celebrate, I have two things cooking for Lily this week. First, Chasing the Green Fairy is on sale!

Novel Description:

A sabotaged airship.
A recovering opium addict.
A messenger with life-shattering news.

With the 1824 British airship qualifying race only weeks away, Lily Stargazer is at the top of her game. She’s racing like a pro, truly in love, and living clean. But on one ill-omened day, everything changes.

Pulled head-long into the ancient secrets of the realm, Lily soon finds herself embroiled in Celtic mysteries and fairy lore. And she’s not quite sure how she got there, or even if she wants to be involved. But Lily soon finds herself chasing the spirit of the realm while putting her own ghosts to rest. And only accepting the truth–about her heart and her country–can save her.


Of course I won't leave you hanging without a giveaway! We all need more goodies. I found a superb necklace for you. I hope it doesn't accidently get lost in my jewelry box . . . and, of course, I have books . . .

Giveaway time:

  • The Airship Racing Chronicles ebooks: 1 Chasing the Star Garden and 1 Chasing the Green Fairy (remember, these books are steamy and best for those who like some heat in their reads)
  • This adorable absinthe spoon necklace

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Dissension by K. A. Salidas


Title:  Dissension

Author:  K.A. Salidas

Series:  Chronicles of the Uprising (#1)

Genre: Paranormal/Dystopian

Publisher:  Rising Sign Books LLC

Release Date:   Feb 3 2014


The great cataclysm wiped almost all life from the face of planet Earth, but tiny pockets of survivors crawled from the ashes, with only one thought: survival, at any cost.
But not all survivors were human.
In the dark, militant society that has risen in the aftermath, vampires, once thought to be mythical, have been assimilated and enslaved. Used for blood sport their lives are allowed to continue only for the entertainment of the masses. Reviled as savages, they are destined to serve out their immortal lives in the arena, as gladiators.
And there is no greater gladiator than Mira: undefeated, uncompromising...and seemingly unbreakable. When an escape attempt leads Mira into the path of Lucian Stavros, the city’s Regent, her destiny is changed forever.
Lucian, raised in a culture which both reviles and celebrates the savagery and inhumanity of vampires, finds Mira as intriguing as she is brash. An impulsive decision - to become Mira’s patron – changes more than just Lucian’s perception about vampire kind. The course of his life is altered in ways he could never have predicted – a life that is suddenly as expendable as hers.

Can Mira prove to Lucian that all is not as it seems? Can Lucian escape centuries of lies, bloodshed, and propaganda to see the truth? Or will the supreme power of the human overlords destroy them both?

Book Links

About the Author:

Katie Salidas is a Super Woman! Endowed with special powers and abilities, beyond those of mortal women, She can get the munchkins off to gymnastics, cheerleading, Girl Scouts, and swim lessons.  She can put hot food on the table for dinner while assisting with homework, baths, and bedtime… And, she still finds the time to keep the hubby happy (nudge nudge wink wink). She can do all of this and still have time to write.
And if you can believe all of those lies, there is some beautiful swamp land in Florida for sale…
Katie Salidas resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mother, wife, and author, she does try to do it all, often causing sleep deprivation and many nights passed out at the computer. Writing books is her passion, and she hopes that her passion will bring you hours of entertainment.

Excerpt 1

The roar of the crowd, all twenty-five-thousand people in attendance, rose to a thundering crescendo when Mira delivered a bone-crunching blow to her opponent’s ribs. Standing only five feet tall, she might not have appeared a formidable warrior, but the thin, spiky-haired waif of a vampire could hold her weight and more when put to the test. Amplified by the superb acoustics, the sound of bones cracking echoed through the Superdome arena. The defeated, a red-headed male vampire staggered, punch-drunk, and then dropped to his knees. Dirt and sweat coated his face but could not mask the fear in his icy blue eyes. His was a look Mira had seen so many times before. Her opponent’s immortal life had finally come to an end, and he was ready to take the final deadly blow.
Above her, Mira knew the fifty-foot mega screen showed her hapless victim in brilliant resolution, ensuring that all who were attending, and those watching from the comfort of their homes, could see these last gruesome moments in crystal clear high-definition.
Mira gazed down at her opponent’s blood-soaked face. Though he was her enemy for the moment, she did not relish having to end him. No one should be forced into the arena and told to kill or be killed. It wasn’t right. But it was what was demanded of her, and given the choice between her life and someone else’s… well, there really was no choice. No matter the cost, Mira was a survivor.
She glanced up to the large private box overlooking the arena. A well-dressed man in deep-purple robes sat, enjoying what appeared to be a dinner of filet mignon and roast potatoes. Even here, in the dusty arena below, Mira’s enhanced senses picked up the tantalizing scent of very rare, bloody steak. She could hardly believe that a human could not only watch the murder about to take place, but also sit and eat the dead flesh of a once-living being while doing it. From the smell of it, the poor beast was practically still bleeding on his plate. Who was truly the more savage creature?
Over the crowd’s roar, an announcer introduced the well-dressed man, Lucian Stavros, Regent of the Iron Gate. Lucian gently and purposefully slowly set down his knife and fork. He took another moment to wipe his face clean and then smiled, acknowledging the roaring crowd.
Chants of “Death, death, death,” rang out from the throng as a single unified demand.
The Regent listened for a moment, making a show of putting his hands to his ears to hear screaming hoard’s request, and then held a hand out, with his thumb pointed to the side.
As if the next moment were the most important, the anticipating mass hushed. Eerie silence filled the arena as everyone watched for the Regent to make his decision.
From her vantage point below, Mira saw the steely look of determination cross the Regent’s face. If she didn’t know better, she might have thought he took this decision seriously; but then, he was human, and they never cared much if her kind lived or died. Lucian Stavros took a cursory glance down at Mira. Their eyes met. It was only a brief moment, but in that short time, Mira saw him waver.
Could it be true, she wondered, or was it just a trick of the light? No human actually cared about the lives of vampires. The moment faded, and the fleeting thought left.
Mira saw the Regent’s decision. He turned his thumb down. Death! 
The crowd went wild.
The last hope for her defeated opponent had vanished; Mira had to finish him. “Sorry,” she whispered to the half-dead vampire on his knees before her. Though her fangs tingled at the prospect of tasting his final dying moments—her reward, if you could call it that, for living through another battle— she did not enjoy what she was about to do. Like her, he was a slave, forced into servitude to the humans as they saw fit. He had not asked for this, and neither had she. But, despite what either of them wanted, it was the will of the crowd, the humans, that had to be served.
Aiming to sever the carotid artery with her fangs, Mira dove at her opponent’s neck. His death would be quick. At least she could afford him that luxury.
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RBTL Presents a Cover Reveal for Kristine Mason's Ultimate Kill

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Title: Ultimate Kill
Author: Kristine Mason 
Series: CORE Series or Book 1 Ultimate CORE Trilogy
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Publisher:  Self Published 
Release Date: Mid April 2014
Edition/Formats It Will Be Available In: eBook
When the past collides with the present, the only way to ensure the future lies in the ultimate kill…
Naomi McCall is a woman of many secrets. Her family has been murdered and she’s been forced into hiding. No one knows her past or her real name, not even the man she loves. 
Jake Tyler, former Marine and the newest recruit to the private criminal investigation agency, CORE, has been in love with a woman who never existed. When he learns about the lies Naomi has weaved, he’s ready to leave her—until an obsessed madman begins sending her explosive messages every hour on the hour.
Innocent people are dying. With their deaths, Naomi’s secrets are revealed and the truth is thrust into the open. All but one. Naomi’s not sure if Jake can handle a truth that will change their lives. But she is certain of one thing—the only way to stop the killer before he takes more lives is to make herself his next victim. 

I didn’t pick up my first romance novel until I was in my late twenties. Immediately hooked, I read a bazillion books before deciding to write one of my own. After the birth of my first son I needed something to keep my mind from turning to mush, and Sesame Street wasn’t cutting it. While that first book will never see the light of day, something good came from writing it. I realized my passion and found a career I love.

When I’m not writing contemporary romances and dark, romantic suspense novels (or reading them!) I’m chasing after my four kids and two neurotic dogs.

Author Links

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Dispatches from Hamletville: The Harvesting is a BRAG Medallion Honoree!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hi everyone!

I am pleased to announce that The Harvesting has been honored with an B.R.A.G. Medallion for excellence in writing!
Happy Zombie by MonsterWhacker
According to the IndieBRAG website, "Our mission is to discover new and talented self-published authors and help them give their work the attention and recognition it deserves." My title is listed with many other fantastic works. It really is an honor to be selected. Their screening process is rigorous: "On average, 50% of the books submitted to us fail to pass the initial screen and another 40% are subsequently rejected by our readers. Thus, only 10% of the books we consider are awarded our B.R.A.G. Medallion and are presented on our website."

As many of your know, The Harvesting was my debut novel. It was my plunge into publishing, and I don't think I was quite prepared! In the year after The Harvesting "hit the stands," I was plagued with both joy and self-doubt. I really loved Layla and her story, but some haters had me wondering. In the end, do you know what I realized?

What else can I say, lol? Goes to show, you should never let the negative voices get you down.

Now, with that said, fans of The Harvesting Series are due for a status update!

The Harvesting Series Status Update!

  • I am planning to release a second edition of The Harvesting within the next 1-2 months. The second edition will not include The Parallel currently offered in the first edition.

  • The Harvesting is headed to the spa! The extremely talented Liliana Sanches is developing a new cover for The Harvesting. I LOVE The Harvesting's first cover, but am trying something new with this second edition. Ms. Sanches is also at work creating a cover for The Shadow Aspect, Book II of The Harvesting Series. Check out her work here: Princess of Shadows Facebook.

  • Newsletter followers should keep an eye on their inboxes. I have a short story/prologue to The Harvesting Series that will be released to my newsletter subscribers.

  • So I hear you love Cricket and Vella! The Parallel is about to become a spin-off novella.

  • The Shadow Aspect will be released late summer/early fall.

  • More details forthcoming! Stay tuned :)

And now the shameless self promotion . . . Still need the novel? The first edition is available at!


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Book Blast & Giveaway: Eden's Darkness by D. M. Sears

Thursday, March 13, 2014

 photo fbe907f1-ca8b-4f6d-8c9d-b2e384f79a14_zpsf1f35904.jpg
What would you do if the person you loved the most became the very thing you were fighting to destroy?
Eden will have to answer that very question before her quest is through. The land she has come to love is at dire risk of being lost to the shadows seeking to consume it. Circenn, now the consort of Darkness, waits to claim her granddaughter and her powers, unaware that Darkness has his own agenda.
He has but little time to obtain his vessel and find his true form. Will he succeed? And will Eden be able to face the disturbing visions that continue to pursue her Nightmares will become reality in Eden's Darkness, Book Two in the Ellethny Series.

 photo 85c6c375-f71a-468a-ad8c-b8d2b30deb99_zps986ff285.jpg
“It’s an ambush!” Lex yelled, out of breath yet trying to be loud enough for all to hear. Shadows were coming in waves out of the forest blocking any escape route we may have had.
“Lexington, get behind me!” Val set up a barrier between them and the shades, doing what she could to keep Lex safe this time. “I can only hold this for a few moments. Eden now would be a good time to do something.”
“You got it.”
I took off in a dead run calling up my dragon. Bronze scales covered my body from toes to head; my feathery wings transformed into those of the dragon. As I ascended up into the sky, my body finished changing and I was Ryu, in all her splendor and ferocity. The penumbral outline of my birthmark glowed brightly on my dragon’s forearm. Ryu burst through the sky like liquid bronze bellowing white fire from her mouth.
Be careful my heart.
You be careful. I am safer than you are right now.
You have to keep our daughter safe.
She is fine. Always the worried papa. Let us finish this-- I am getting bored.
You would think this kind of excitement would make your evening.
Nah, they need some new tricks, been there done that.
I blew off the situation with my carefree attitude, but deep inside I knew this couldn’t continue. My family and friends were wearing down, and I would be giving birth soon.
Ryu’s vision allowed me to see everything going on at once. The shades I burned were writhing on the ground, screaming a shrill of agony that was deafening. I searched the ground, monitoring my companions. I zeroed in on Maiya pinned by two shadows; a third was working its way towards her. I searched for the closest of my family to go to her aide.
Gregor, Maiya needs help--there are too many shadows attacking her at once. Go to her quickly!
The thought of another person being seriously injured as my uncle had been was not an option.
That will not happen Eden. I will not allow those insects to harm her.
I sent a mental swell of pride at him. My vampire, always so chivalrous.
You are a pleasant distraction my heart, but just now I must stay focused.
Gregor raced with blinding speed over to the silver wolf and threw the two shadows back; the crunch of bone against rock gave a sickening echo. Koren saw what was happening and ran at the third, clamping his strong jaws around the shade’s neck, ripping the head from the body. Black ooze splattered from the head as it was severed from the neck. Maiya rolled over onto her feet and sprang at another shadow, never missing a beat, always ready for the next assailant.

I admired my friends and family for fighting with me, for putting their lives in the balance for a cause that was mine.

You can slo use this direct link: Giveaway
 photo 59e824c4-9212-448b-9de2-c31e31a3a6ef_zps75626707.jpg

D.M. Sears lives in Missouri with her daughter and one crazy cat. Her first paranormal fantasy, Eden's Mark, was recently published by Solstice Publishing. D.M. Sears is a Director of an early childhood center and bakes cupcakes on the side. She loves most genres of books and is currently finishing Book 2 in the Ellethny Series.

Connext with D.M Sears:

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Fabulosity Reads Book Promotions is a book touring website that promotes authors and their precious works to an extensive audience using blogs, twitter, Facebook and other Social Media, with the aim of introducing them to an appreciative readership. They offer a diverse range of both complimentary and affordable products to help the reach of your book go that much further.
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Characters and Cocktails; The Harlot's Pen by Claudia H. Long

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Today I am very pleased to welcome Claudia H. Long to my blog. Claudia's work, The Harlot's Pen, is set in a time period I really adore: the roaring 20's! For fun, I thought we would check in with Claudia about her characters and get to know them a bit better by their alcohol of choice! Let's talk Characters and Cocktails with the characters of The Harlot's Pen!

Characters and Cocktails

with Claudia H. Long


Prohibition! It's 1920 and the 18th Amendment has just been passed, making sales of the good stuff illegal. But this doesn’t stop the discerning patron from ordering a glass of whiskey, or the smoky-eyed flapper from sipping a Side Car.

Violetta is wearing the latest mode. It's a daring knee-length, drop-waisted, pleated ecru silk number, with silver trim at the square neck and hem. It's sleeveless and in the warm El Verano evening she'll be enjoying the breeze, tinged with cigar smoke, that comes in from the open back door. She's probably sipping a French 75, that fizzy concoction of gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and champagne. Ooh la la!

Seated next to her, dealing a hand of poker, is handsome Caleb Houston, swirling a South Side. Gin, mint, lime and a little simple syrup make up a powerful drink, but he's an engineer on the newest bridge in Sonoma, and he's not afraid of a strong drink!
But across from Violetta, passion simmering in his dark brown eyes, Gold lifts his Side Car to his lips.  This heady brew is a blend of cognac, cointreau and a little lemon juice. Gold has seen the world in all its anger and beauty, and knows a good cognac when he tastes it.

El Verano is pulsing with jazz, smoke and tarts. Though Spanish Kitty, the beautiful madam of the house sticks to a glass of the finest whiskey from the storehouses of her wealthy and powerful patrons, the girls like something a little sweeter, and Lily can be found sipping a Bees Knees in between dances. Her blonde hair and cherub-blue eyes sparkle as she looks at the gents over her glass.

Bees Knees
2 oz Gin
¾ oz honey simple syrup (1 part honey to 1 part water)
½ oz. lemon juice
Shake with ice, strain into a cocktail glass, enjoy!
Side Car
¾ oz Cointreau (or Triple Sec)
½ oz Cognac
¾ oz lemon juice
Shake with ice, strain into a cocktail glass! Stolat!

About the Author:

Claudia Long is the author of Josefina's Sin, The Harlot's Pen, and The Duel for Consuelo. The Harlot's Pen is her most recent release. She loved writing Josefina's Sin because it gave her a chance to explore her favorite time period of Mexican history. The story takes place in the 1690s, when Mexico was still a Spanish colony overseen by a Viceroy, with Marquis and Counts. It was a very, very different time from today. Women's lives were run by rules that we would find outrageous, but their friendships and loves were much like ours! The Duel for Consuelo (coming from Booktrope in June, 2014) picks up 21 years after Josefina's Sin. The son Josefina bore at the end of the book is now 21 years old. Consuelo, the beautiful healer with secrets to conceal, captures his love. But he has a few secrets of his own, and the Inquisition, in a final grasp for power, blocks his way to Consuelo's heart.
As for Claudia, she spends time in California, practicing law and writing books. She enjoys having time to explore the incredible impact that art, poetry, law and of course, the heart, had on women of a long-ago time.

Connect with the Author

Pick up a copy of The Harlot's Pen at Amazon! One Click:

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Book Blast Tour: Easy Like Sunday Mourning by Jennie Marts

Monday, March 10, 2014

 photo fbe907f1-ca8b-4f6d-8c9d-b2e384f79a14_zpsf1f35904.jpg

Dating is hard…

Single mom Maggie Hayes puts up a tough front to hide her loneliness, spending her days in the courtroom as a lawyer and her evenings as a closet video gamer. Another heartache isn’t worth the risk, not after her husband left her last year for a Hooters waitress. When she decides to try dating again, a cute video game-designing nerd seems like a safe bet….Until he becomes the prime suspect in a murder. 

But falling in love can be murder…

Jeremy Rogers makes a good living designing video games, but nothing prepares him for the real world adventure of being accused of poisoning his own employee. Add in falling for a sassy attorney with a competitive ex-husband, a clingy blonde coworker, and a mammoth-size dog that eats his furniture. Suddenly fighting off a screen full of zombies or preventing an alien invasion seems like child’s play. 

Game over!

Maggie and Jeremy find themselves embroiled in a game of death threats, lies, and betrayal. Maggie must learn to trust again while playing the most dangerous game of all. Because defeat could mean not only losing her heart, but also her life…

Revisit the quaint Colorado town of Pleasant Valley and sit in with the Page Turners Book Club, a group of book-loving women who double as extremely amateur detectives. Join them as they set out to help their friend, while devouring good literature and some really great desserts.

 photo 85c6c375-f71a-468a-ad8c-b8d2b30deb99_zps986ff285.jpg

“Hey, gals,” Maggie said on a rush of air as Edna threw her arms around her in a theatrical embrace. Maggie gave her a quick squeeze, the smell of lavender and vanilla filling the air as she nestled her chin in the cloud of Edna’s silver curls. Mabel reached out and squeezed Maggie’s hand.
            Jeremy seemed to be pleased by the appearance of the two geriatric Nancy Drews, but Maggie’s eyes narrowed with suspicion at Edna. “It’s amazing how you always seem to be in the middle of whatever excitement is going on.”
            Edna shrugged and gave her a look of mock innocence. “You know me, honey, if there’s a pile of trouble somewhere, I’ll find a way to step in it.”
            Mabel cackled at Edna’s joke, then her laugh turned into a phlegmy smoker’s cough, and Edna turned to slap her on the back. “You’ve got to give up those cancer sticks,” she said in between slaps.
            “Ahh, bite me,” wheezed Mabel. “I’m gonna die anyway.”
            Ignoring the drama of the elderly women, Maggie pulled on Edna’s sleeve. “Who is that guy you were talking to? And what did you find out?” Regardless of her knack for finding trouble, Edna was good at ferreting out information and could usually be counted on to know the inside scoop.
“Do they know what happened to Jim?” Jeremy absently rubbed his tiny grandmother’s back, used to her frequent coughing fits.
Edna whipped out her notebook, holding it within inches of her nose. “Well, I haven’t had a chance to gather too much information, since we just got here and they won’t let us too close to the crime scene. I’m sure they’re dusting for prints and gathering DNA evidence. The evidence always tells the true story, you know.”
“OMG,” Maggie said, mimicking one of her son’s favorite terms. She tried to control her eyes from rolling into the back of her head as she listened to Edna’s CSI-esque interpretation of the scene. “What do you actually know?”
Edna huffed and lowered her voice. “Well, we know a man was murdered here.”
“Oh my gosh. You think? Maybe you should open your own ladies’ detective agency.”


You can also use this link to connect directly.

 photo 59e824c4-9212-448b-9de2-c31e31a3a6ef_zps75626707.jpg

Jennie Marts loves to make readers laugh as she weaves stories filled with love, friendship and intrigue. She’s the author of the Kindle Bestselling romantic comedy, Another Saturday Night and I Ain’t Got No Body. Reviewers call her book “laugh out loud” funny and full of great characters that are “endearing and relatable.”
She writes from the mountains of Colorado where she lives with her husband, two sons, a parakeet, and a golden retriever named Cooper. Jennie enjoys being a member of (RWA) Romance Writers of America, the Pikes Peak Chapter of RWA, and Pikes Peak Writers.
Jennie is addicted to Diet Coke and adores Cheetos. She loves playing volleyball and believes you can’t have too many books, shoes or friends.

Connext with D.M Sears:
Social Media

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Fabulosity Reads Book Promotions is a book touring website that promotes authors and their precious works to an extensive audience using blogs, twitter, Facebook and other Social Media, with the aim of introducing them to an appreciative readership.

They offer a diverse range of both complimentary and affordable products to help the reach of your book go that much further.

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Cover Reveal: Night Moves by Kristen Strassel

Title: Night Moves
Author: Kristen Strassel
Series: Night Songs Collection Series (#2)
Genre: NA Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Foreword Literary

Melanie Vaughn’s job ruined everything. Her social life, nonexistent. Her relationship with her boyfriend, a hostile roommate situation. She resolves to fix everything one snowy afternoon, but instead comes home to discover her boyfriend is already exploring other options. Blonder, bustier options. Rage drives Melanie to do the unthinkable.

When Soul Divider was on the top of the world, so was Ryder Maddox. When the band faded into obscurity, Ryder’s luck plummeted with it. In a last ditch effort to rekindle the band’s heyday, Soul Divider teams up with powerful vampire clean leader, Talis de Rancourt. In return for her services, the band pays the ultimate price for never ending fame.

Now on the run, Melanie meets Ryder in a middle of nowhere hotel. She never expected her teenage rock star crush to be as lost and as in need of a companion as she is. Their connection is all consuming, even before they find they share another kinship: murder.

The newly turned vampires in Soul Divider still have a lot to learn. The police and public begin to connect the girls that go missing or die in sync with the band’s tour schedule. Back at home, clues are also adding up against Melanie as well. Between constant media coverage and unrelenting attention from the authorities, Melanie and Ryder find themselves in unchartered territory.

Kristen shares a birthday with Steven Tyler and Diana Ross.  She spends each day striving to be half as fabulous as they are.  She’s worn many hats, none as flattering as her cowboy hat: banker, retail manager, fledgling web designer, world’s worst cocktail waitress, panty slinger, now makeup artist and aspiring author.  She loves sunshine, live music, the middle of nowhere, and finding new things to put in her house.  Kristen is represented by Pam van Hylckama Vlieg of Foreword Literary.

Places to find Kristen

Places to find Night Moves

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SteamU Welcomes Sophronia Belle Lyon

Friday, March 7, 2014

Today at SteamU I am pleased to welcome Sophronia Belle Lyon to discuss The Alexander Legacy Series.

Praise for A Dodge, a Twist, and a Tobacconist (The Alexander Legacy Book One)

"... Intrigued. ... never read much Steampunk … could not stop reading this little jewel. I cannot wait to see what Ms. Belle has in store for her readers next."

"Adored the old books …like a reunion of them all. Authors would be proud to see their characters treated with such tactful respect, in a novel that also deals with the same social evils … "

"Fun story … strong Christian references I didn't expect. I don't usually read Christian fiction, so I was a bit surprised. The Steampunk/Victorian lit. connection is super fun!"

"Not my usual genre, but I really enjoyed … Unique characters and excellent writing kept me turning the pages. I think this may be a classic unto itself …"

Sophronia Belle Lyon has a few obsessions -- for tea, mechanicals, and for Steampunk.
What’s Steampunk?
Why, it’s your obsession, too -- you just don’t know you have it yet. Sophronia travels widely, reads 1800s classics voraciously, shoots handguns when she can, and grew up sketching and exploring in the Catskill Mountains of New York State. She dressed up and acted out scenes with friends much like Louisa May Alcott's beloved "Little Women," and got to be a cauldron spirit in Macbeth in fourth grade. She traveled to Italy by way of Iceland and Luxembourg. She has taken apart her share of clocks and vented more than one steam valve. Hundreds of cat friends informed her about Bagheera's attitudes and manners. Oliver Twist's oblivious, eccentric habits came from the Science-absorbed men in her life, and her love for weapons translated into the well-armed members of the Alexander Legacy Company. She collects swords and knives. She enjoys tea, hot or iced, but cannot get the knack of the cream or sweetening obsession, being, after all, thoroughly American.

She has written 2 books in the Alexander Legacy Steampunk Literary Tribute series: A Dodge, A Twist, and a Tobacconist  and The Pinocchio Factor. Eventually each of the eight members of the Legacy Company will host an adventure.

Characters from Alcott, Dickens, Stevenson, Kipling, Doyle and more combine “What-if?” steam and gear technology with families, friendship, faith, and fortitude as Oliver Twist and others join forces to fight human trafficking and prove that no one is beyond redemption. Why does a Bohemian prince accepts a kiss from a poison maiden? How can a celebrity singer probe a web of deceit, debauchery, and domination? Multicultural, multinational heroes bring along families and four-footed allies from around the world. No one’s too old to preach a challenge or too young to fix a flying machine. No one’s too innocent to be safe from kidnapping ,slavery, and violence.

Illustrated Versions

Connect with the Author:

~Class Dismissed

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