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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let my readers know that I have a little gift for you! In case you haven't picked up a copy of The Harvesting, it will be FREE on Amazon over the Labor Day weekend. If you're in the mood for something a little dark, you will have fun with my dark fantasy/zombie mash-up. And you will totally love Layla. Here is sweet Little Layla drawn up for me by artist Heather Ainsley. Isn't she cute?

Little Layla

How about a project status update? I have two projects that I am "this close" to launching.

Click for my Lady Macbeth Pinterest Board!

Lady Macbeth

Well, now I know why Shakespeare found Lady Macbeth so difficult to deal with. Once my editor and I dug into the project, we realized that, after edits, the novel was going to be something like 250,000 words long . . . more than 1200 pages. Yikes! We spent the summer breaking the book into manageable three parts. I will be releasing the first book in the saga, Lady Macbeth; Daughter of Ravens, as soon as the edits are complete. The novel is done, I'm just rolling that bolder up the hill to make it perfect for you!


Fans of The Harvesting series will be happy to know that Midway is about 2 chapters from complete. Midway is A Harvesting Series Novella that chronicles the story of Cricket and Vella, two apocalypse survivors, whose storyline runs parallel to Layla's.

Check out my board for Midway on Pinterest!

After these two ladies are put to rest I have a midgrade steampunk project in the works as well as The Shadow Aspect, Book II in The Harvesting Series. If I only had more time or could download all the stories in my brain  . . . I would be a happy girl!

ps . . . fans of Lily Stargazer will be happy to know that Chasing the Fog is in the line-up for 2015.

Be well!

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SteamU: Scott Kinkade Discusses Steampunk and Marie Antoinette

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Today's Lecture by: Scott Kinkade
Author of: The Infini Calendar series (The Game Called Revolution, Secrets of the New World and The Revolution Beyond Time).

Look for God School, the first book in my new fantasy series, coming soon.

Further Discourses Available: CLICK HERE
Connect with the author online! Office Hours:
Twitter: @SK_Author

Today’s Lecture: (Re)defining Steampunk: My Journey from Fan to Author

Back in 2010, after I wrote my first novel, the post-apocalyptic adventure Mirai: a Promise to Tomorrow, I had to decide what to write next. Would I write Mirai 2: The Miraiing (probably wouldn't have called it that), or would I come up with something new? A fateful night at the local drive-in gave me the answer. At the time, I was vaguely aware of an emerging subgenre of science fiction called steampunk. Suddenly, as I gazed into the night sky, a single image popped into my head: Marie Antoinette with some sort of cybernetic eye attachment. Looking back, it sounds more cyber than steam, but I became enamored with the idea of doing my own version of the French Revolution, and I wanted it to be steampunk. 

But there was a slight problem: I hardly knew anything about steampunk. If I wanted to write it, I had to immerse myself in that world. So I went to Half Price Books and asked them if they had any steampunk. The clerk brought me a copy of the book that would change everything: Stephen Hunt's The Court of the Air. I read it and was enthralled. I knew then that I had chosen my subject matter correctly. Steampunk was awesome, and I had to be a part of it. So I began work on my steamy take on the French Revolution, and I continued to read the greats. I picked up the other books in Hunt's Jackelian series. I devoured Cherie Priest's Boneshaker and its sequels. Nor did The Difference Engine escape my grasp. And where do you think you're going, George Griffith? Get over here!

But the more I read, the more one thing became painfully clear. Steampunk tended to take place in a 19th-century setting, sometimes in America and frequently in England. I was worried. Could a story set in revolutionary France really be called steampunk? Seeking advice, I started a topic on Amazon's boards: (CLICK HERE). The responses were very encouraging, so I decided to continue with my novel.

So what are the essential elements of steampunk? Obviously, it can't be completely historically accurate, but neither does it have to take place on earth. Stephen Hunt was very successful at creating the fictional world of Jackals. To me, steampunk should have three things. 1.) airships 2.) revised history 3.) crazy technology that could have been but never was. If you feel like piling more insane stuff like werewolves and vampires (Gail Carriger and Cindy Spencer Pape, I'm looking at you) or Alice in Wonderland characters (Jason G Anderson), more power to you. There's simply a wide range of things you can do and still keep it steampunk.

So, I've written three books in my Infini Calendar series thus far and have taken steampunk from the French Revolution to post-revolutionary Washington to 1889 Wichita. Will there be a fourth book? Tsar you kidding me? *hint*hint*

So, in conclusion, steampunk is a very broad term, and no one definition is correct. If you think you've got a great punk story, go for it!

Many thanks to Scott for joining us again today! While Lily Stargazer only drops (haha, there is a pun for readers of Chasing the Star Garden) by France, Scott's novel explore the French Revolution and beyond. I encourage my readers to take a look! Amazing how one simple image can evoke a whole series. Thank you for sharing, Scott!
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Cover Reveal! Sanguinary by Margo Bond Collins!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Author Page: Amazon

Only fifty years left before vampires rule the world.

When Dallas police detective Cami Davis joined the city's vampire unit, she planned to use the job as a stepping-stone to a better position in the department.

But she didn't know then what she knows now: there's a silent war raging between humans and vampires, and the vampires are winning.

So with the help of a disaffected vampire and an ex-cop addict, Cami is going undercover, determined to solve a series of recent murders, discover a way to overthrow the local Sanguinary government, and, in the process, help win the war for the human race.

But can she maintain her own humanity in the process? Or will Cami find herself, along with the rest of the world, pulled under a darkness she cannot oppose?

Amazon Author Page

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About the Author
Margo Bond Collins is the author of urban fantasy, contemporary romance, and paranormal mysteries. She
has published a number of novels, including Taming the Country Star, Legally Undead, Waking Up Dead, and Fairy, Texas. She lives in Texas with her husband, their daughter, and several spoiled pets. Although writing fiction is her first love, she also teaches college-level English courses online. She enjoys reading romance and paranormal fiction of any genre and spends most of her free time daydreaming about heroes, monsters, cowboys, and villains, and the strong women who love them—and sometimes fight them.

Connect with Margo

Amazon Author Page:
Twitter:  @MargoBondCollin
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Margo's Other Books:

Taming the Country Star
Legally Undead
Fairy, Texas
Waking Up Dead
Beyond the Count

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Kindle Countdown Deal: Chasing the Green Fairy

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give a little heads-up that I am running a Kindle Countdown Deal on Chasing the Green Fairy this week. I have also left Chasing the Star Garden on sale for .99 cents in case you are new to my series. For those of you who enjoyed The Harvesting, this might be your first steampunk series. If you enjoy fantasy novels and spunky heroines, you will definitely love The Airship Racing Chronicles.

Earlier this summer, I gave away more than 10,000 copies of Chasing the Star Garden! Can you believe that? I hope those readers enjoyed their time with Lily. If you haven't grabbed the second novel in this series yet. you can catch it this week for just .99 cents! This is a limited deal. 

That said, I am off to Indie Bookfest 2014 in Orlando, leaving today! I can't wait to meet the other authors and bloggers. We interact a lot online but I seldom meet face to face. Looking forward to setting my eyes on Margo Bond Collins, Peggy Sue Martinez, Elyse Schramm, and Jacqueline Garlick! I'll be sure to bring back pictures!

How about a project update as well? Lady Macbeth, which is now a 3 book saga (seriously, it was 1500 pages long, what was I thinking), is reaching the end of editing. Turns out finishing this book is a lot like frosting a cake, no matter how much I smooth it out, I still see somewhere that needs just a little tweaking. It's making me batty. It was supposed to be a summer pub but looks like we are looking at October 1. Midway is also almost done and I want to have it to you before Halloween. The Shadow Aspect follows in the line-up. After that, so much fun in store! Will have to pick :)

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